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  1. Saw they won their last game 9-1 in a wood bat game at NKU
  2. You obviously must not have been at the game then. Both teams shook each other's hands and the Harrison County players said a lot more than one word.
  3. Struggled a lot on the mound...faced 5 batters. walked 2 and let up a hit to load the bases then let up a grand slam. next batter hit a double and he was done.
  4. Game was suspended in the bottom of the 4th with a 3-0 count and 1 out Beechwood up 2-1
  5. Thought i heard from someone those numbers were correct ...my appologies
  6. Add a few more Beechies to that list with Josh Bertke-1 Michael Colosimo-1 (wood bat) Jason Suchanek(sp?)-2 Joey Nussbaum-1
  7. Talked to him the other day. He said he was 95% sure he will go there and also said he is getting all but about 5K per year.
  8. Colosimo threw 6 and let up 3 Sexton threw 4 or 5 and i believe let up 5 Not completely sure about either
  9. Giesler's 3 at the end of the 3rd OT was one of the most clutch plays i've seen in high school ball. Got the ball and put it in from deep with no time left.
  10. I completley agree with both points made in this post. Boone didn't want it like NCC did in my opinion and #11 played great, shes looked quick and could really hit off the dribble.
  11. Don't forget Darrick Brilz. With Wheat coming in to play center Brilz and Everett should rotate at TE. With a smaller number of recievers they may move Cruse to WR like they began to do at the end of last year.
  12. The roster measurements are from summer his junior year. They were not accurate this year.
  13. Yes he will. He's a few years away from being ready.
  14. That looks to be a lot of fun for the Birds...be a good challenge for them.
  15. Beechwood is building a new Athletic Building on the hill between the football and baseball fields
  16. Congratulations to Bri who Friday night scored 21 points in an overtime loss to Villa to put her career total up to exactly 1000. She also pulled down 19 rebounds.
  17. New Cath 21 - Beechwood 20. The difference in the game being a blocked PAT by NCC in the first quarter. Beechwood would miss the next PAT on what looked like a bad snap and converted for 2 after the next score. NCC had to come back in the second half and threw a touchdown pass with just under a minute left to win it.
  18. One QB who has suprised me a little is the Colosimo kid from Beechwood. He had an off game against dixie but other than that and a few plays he has looked pretty solid. Looked good against highlands as well for the passes he could get off.
  19. You heard correctly. I talked with the father of the Manual head coach on Thursday night and they did practice at Thomas More. However, I can't tell you why they chose to do this.
  20. BW had more than 2 td's. I believe their 1's scored 3 or 4 with one pick. The last 2 series for the tigers were taken by the freshman team. Boone also had maybe 3 picks while rotating QB's every few series. Their offense looked good today though. They seemed to get better as the day went on scoring on a few longer passes. Overall i'd say it was about even with a slight edge to BW if any.
  21. From what I saw the third baseman was covering but the runner saw that it was going ot fall so he took off toward third and when the LF picked up the ball there was no play
  22. Joe had preferred walk-on offers from Notre Dame, Colgate, Cincinnati, Michigan State, and Vanderbilt
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