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  1. With all due respect to RP, this continues to be the most overrated Christmas movie of all time.
  2. BP has been one of my favorite Reds for a long time. I love the way he interacts with kids and seems to enjoy the game. That being said, it is a great trade no matter who they go in return. Now let's see what we can get for Bruce.
  3. Well there is a certain throwboy, that lives really close and has a super bowl ring that they could call.:lol2:
  4. With the season he's had and the Panther's record, I don't see any way that it isn't Cam Newton.
  5. There is of course the issue that the weapons seized in this raid are completely legal in the United States, so there would be no cause for a warrant.
  6. I bought a Vizio a couple of years ago that matched my TV. It stopped working last night and just says format error. Nothing I can do will get it working again so I wouldn't recommend a Vizio.
  7. I noticed that as well and it became pretty annoying but my guess it is because of all of the backlash from using the term "assault rifle".
  8. CNN is reporting that the shooting took place in an auditorium that was hosting a banquet for county employees.
  9. I don't blame him and wish him luck. Maybe he'll go to a team with an O-line that can block and WR's that catch.
  10. Coaching doesn't matter if they can't get some O and D linemen that can play SEC level football. That should be the biggest priority. I think Stoops has done some good things at UK but I think this season and the way they lost today, kills any momentum they had as a program. It may be time for a fresh coach.
  11. I'm afraid WW3 is getting ready to break out, just like ISIS wants.
  12. There are two types of dumpsters: Scrappy, cerebral dumpsters: Athletic dumpsters:
  13. Well I was looking forward to watching this game but I drew the short straw at work this year and have to work and it has been moved to 3pm. I think this game can go either way . I think being at home will help the Birds which is why I picked them but I think they are still the underdog and it will be an upset if they win.
  14. Maybe, just maybe the Highlands coaches know what they are doing. The question is if CovCath couldn't get them this year, do they ever beat them again?
  15. Someone smarter than me could figure out how to make this an Avatar. I'm sure PP92 would love it. http://www.sbnation.com/2013/3/9/4083454/dancin-gramps
  16. I've seen Ryle play every year since their existence and I honestly believe that Deion Mullens is the best all around high school football player they have had. He had a big impact at multiple positions on both sides of the ball.
  17. I really do hope Drew Barker does well, I want UK football to suceed so bad. I hate if for Pat Towles who is a stand up guy but just doesn't seem to have the moxy to play in the SEC. I hope for DB's sake he can get rid of the ball quickly and make the appropriate reads, if not there isn't anywhere else to turn besides the same old UK football.
  18. Glenn called for help, Daryl will get his crossbow back and Abraham is going to hook up with Sasha. I know pickings are slim but Abraham doesn't appear the type to be pulling in dimes like Rosita and and Sasha. I thought it was a good episode and outside of season 1 this continues to be my favorite season.
  19. I understand the spread and zone read but they do still run it. I watched a play against UT where Pat pulled it on one of the worst reads I've ever seen and got tackled immediately for a loss. He isn't a threat in the zone read because he's not a very good runner and makes poor reads.
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