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  1. How does the field at the "pyramid" hold up with the rain? I know it didn't when I was playing on it, but a few years ago they did some crushed rubber project with the natural grass. Any improvement? I think if the field is sloppy it shifts the advantage to the Rebels.
  2. I like Ryle's D in this one with a low scoring game. Raiders 12 Breds 7
  3. Haven't seen either team play but I will most certaintly be pulling for the Camels as a former player. I will go with CCHS 27 BCHS 20 with the knowledge that the Camels had a good showing against Cov Cath and had a nice win on the road in week 1.
  4. As bad as coach Lickert might want this one I just can't see it staying close. All birds all the time 42-6
  5. PC 18 Newport 7. I think these programs are heading in opposite directions and the one improving will win.
  6. I have been told that Colerain plays no one both ways. If that is the case they are indeed deep. I predict a much better game than most expect. Highlands has a very fast defense with intellegent players. Those two things along with good coaching and an offense(system, not players) that is easy to defend will keep the game tight. I say Cardinals 14 Birds 6.
  7. Have you ever thought that Ryle has a good D? Mike Wolfe is one of the better D cordinators in the state. They came in with a good game plan and executed very well on D. Adjustments were made and HHS won by 20. HHS is young up front but have the talent, not to mention probably the best O-line coach in the state I think you will see by the end of the year that a 20 point victory over Ryle will have been pretty impressive.
  8. I will say HHS 35-17 with a hard fought 1st half.
  9. Grant may win but it will be much closer than most think and it won't be because they have a better coaching staff. I will predict PC in this one 21-14 with Stegman accounting for a special teams TD and a receiving TD.
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