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  1. It would be someone that everyone thought of as normal. I'd go with Tom Hanks.
  2. Thomas J in "My Girl" was pretty bad when I was a young fella.
  3. So was rule number 6... The Clinton Body Count : snopes.com :idunno:
  4. If you want to prorate and refund the remaining months of my subscription?
  5. Nope 2 Humped has given his last $20 bucks to a site that used to be pretty good. It's sad that the founder has been such a contributor to its downfall. Everything has a season I guess.
  6. I'm not wasting my time, its obviously the implication and not the fact that they are dead.
  7. Maybe Kaitlin found out that @mountain ref said she was attractive and had to switch back.
  8. Not that I completely believe but I have some doubts about going to the moon.
  9. The fact that so many people on this board and KY in general think that Trump has a shot at winning, is the best case study of cultural isolationism I have ever seen.
  10. Riverside Marina is the same place/owners. They just relocated to Dayton when their spot in Bellevue was taken for the Condo development.
  11. My wife and I go down to Riverside once or twice a summer for dinner and some drinks. Its nice if the river conditions are good. Their food is pretty good as well, I love their fish sandwich. They usually have a decent cover band playing inside on the weekends.
  12. Are you really suggesting that parents should force kids to play a sport they don't like? I love high school football and would love for it to thrive forever but if my kid doesn't want to play, then that is his decision and his life to live.
  13. Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park is very pretty. A crystal clear lake with the snow caps in the background. It is the most beautiful place that I have personally been to.
  14. Just tried Country Boy's Shotgun Wedding for the first time the other night. I loved it.
  15. "This great nation will never be intimidated. People are going about their daily lives, working and shopping and playing, worshiping at churches and synagogues and mosques, going to movies and to baseball games," George W. Bush
  16. I ended up getting Earthwise windows which have the good housekeeping seal of approval, Energy Star certified, etc. I had a recommendation on a contractor from a relative who put them in for me. I've had no problems with the windows and my energy bills are much lower. I'd recommend them if you are still looking. They aren't the quality of Gilkey but they are a quarter the price and do just fine.
  17. Looks like Democratic Socialism is making these folks happy. These Are The Happiest Countries In The World
  18. I'm surprised he was able to penetrate the bank's security so easily.
  19. He did and I cringed when he said it. To be fair I think he was trying to describe white privilege but did so very poorly. What he said could definitely be considered racist IMO but I don't think that's how he meant it. That being said, I'm white and I guess black voters will have decide if they think it was.
  20. What evidence and data are you using to form your opinion, the stock market, unemployment, jobs, just curious?
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