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  1. My 10, in order, would be: Barry Bonds Roger Clemens Ken Griffey Jr Trevor Hoffman Larry Walker Gary Sheffield Mike Piazza Jeff kent Mark McGwire Curt Schilling
  2. Maybe you are correct, DB certainly couldn't be any worse than PT running zone read and maybe a short-intermediate passing game is what they need. I'm not sure though that if I were DB, I'd want to be thrown into SEC play with the current O-line.
  3. I haven't said a word about the man, I just think it is funny watching the outcry from members like you and All Tell who have started almost daily threads about trivial stuff like this the entire Obama presidency. To quote Jim Ross, "Turnabout is fair play!"
  4. The reason that Towles struggles with the second half of the schedule is that the second half is SEC teams that still have more talent than UK. Why does anyone think that Barker is going to do any better with those teams? I'm not even a huge Towles fan but he has been actually playing better than the beginning of the season IMO. UK's problem is the O and D lines which have been getting dominated in SEC play, not QB.
  5. This is barely a taste of what Obama has dealt with and you guys are already crying. I don't know that you'll survive until election day.
  6. I thought that was blood running down the wall. I assummed the guy eating crackers up on the look out had offed himself.
  7. 6 Slightly better than average. He has improved recruiting and has beaten a couple of SEC teams UK always struggled with. Better than Joker and not quite back to what Brooks left yet.
  8. 7-0, with a road win against the most successful franchise in the history of the NFL and your division rival. Tough crowd. :speechless:
  9. Thanks, I called them earlier and they are on the way.
  10. I'm in need of a plumber ASAP, I've got a backup somewhere between my septic tank and the house that I've tried to auger out without any luck. Anyone know a small plumber in the Campbell County area that they would recommend?
  11. 5 Anderson County 3 Male 3 Johnson Central 1 Davies County 1 Danville 1 South Laurel 1 Paintsville 1 Simon Kenton 1 Clay County 1 East Jessamine TB 49
  12. 7 Ludlow 5 Campbell County 3 Fleming county 2 Lloyd Memorial 1 Walton Verona TB Fleming county
  13. Thoughts and prayers your way. Sorry for your loss.
  14. Chafee gave the worst debate response I've ever heard about his vote on Glass-Steagall. That's after watching a debate with Donald Trump involved.
  15. I thought Jim Webb and Lincoln Chaffee were having a contest to see which one could make Hillary look the most appealing.
  16. 7 Dixie Heights 5 Lloyd Memorial 3 Highlands 2 Bracken County 1 Carroll County TB Bracken County
  17. 5 Highlands 3 Spencer County 3 Boyle County 1 Bell County 1 Pleasure Ridge Park 1 Lloyd Memorial 1 Paris 1 Tates Creek 1 Shelby Valley 1 Daviess County TB 35
  18. Pest control & Exterminator Northern KY - Snowball Pest Control Wilder, KY Matt Snowball is a good guy and they run a nice, reputable, family owned business. Give them a call.
  19. I'm all for the legalization, but this movement is set up for a few major players to profit. If it is legal, let it be legal to be grown by everyone and everywhere in the state.
  20. Speaking strickly from my experiences as a white male, which is most certainly not the same as yours as a black male. I don't think it is as bad across the country as our BGP conservative members or our fellow Kentuckians at large will have you believe. I think Obama is the furthest thing from arrogant, he's a smart, thoughtful and inclusive man. Probably to a fault. I think his Presidency has been very successful on all fronts and we will have another black president. My guess is it will be Cory Booker in another couple of cycles. Whoever is the next black, woman, democrat President will be hated in KY and on BGP. They will be dumb, arrogant, weak, etc., etc.
  21. 5 Christian Academy - Louisville 3 Ryle 3 Spencer County 1 Taylor County 1 Anderson County 1 Central Hardin 1 Dupont Manual 1 Meade County 1 Knox Central 1 McLean County TB 63
  22. I spent one night there a couple of years ago. Everything is off the charts expensive and there was nothing to do aside from dinner shows, at least the evening I was there.
  23. I voted 3-1 because the CovCath game is on the road but I could easily see them going 4-0.
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