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  1. Here we go..... this should be fun!
  2. Congrats to CCH on making it a Rivalry again! Best CCH team I have seen in a decade so it was no fluke! Was pumped to hear about the possible changes on Defense tonight for the Birds..... then nothing, no change! Just unreal.
  3. If Marvin wins the toss and defers to the second half only to let Brady drive down and hang 7 on them in his first home game back I'm done for the year!
  4. Totally agree with this and is one of the main reasons I just don't go to random games even though I live right next door to the school.
  5. With Mangum 'probable,' Cougars getting Hoge ready to face Cincinnati | Deseret News
  6. Highlands allows everyone on the field after the game. If you really want you get can get close enough to the team to hear the post game speech, however I think most parents/friends stay away until they break it down. I can tell you some of the best family pictures we have was after a Highlands victory on the field with my son and the entire family that was in attendance. Any school not allowing this is missing out IMO. I know Harrison County blocked all non player access to the field after the game when the Birds played there last year.
  7. Not really sure how LeBatard is still employed. I agree it is awful. Where can I find Cowherd on SiriusXM? IF ESPN must keep LeBatard around please move him to the 9:00PM slot so it doesn't ruin my Noon lunch break.
  8. Highlands #1 are you going to the game tonight or were you planning on checking out some other area games?
  9. Can you just spell out 5A or 6A? Its hard to count the "A's" on my phone. Thanks and safe travels tonight!
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