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  1. Community develpment work? Highlands is doing the same things they've always done, they still have the best youth league, they still have the best youth football camp, they still work as hard and effecient as ever. This notion that something needs to change is Highlands is crazy since they are doing the same things that made them the best program in KY not name Trinity the last 20 years. They are a very temporary down cycle with talent. This year's freshment class will win a State Championship before they graduate but the this year and next year will probably be rough. Oh and the coaches play the kids that are best at their positions. If a kid isn't getting in the game over someone that may appear less talented there is a reason. The kid who isn't playing probably can't be counted on to run the correct route, pick up the correct blocking assignment, etc., can the silliness about the HHS coaching staff stop.
  2. 5 Bryan Station 3 Pulaski County 3 Trinity 1 West Carter 1 Mercer County 1 Belfry 1 Franklin County 1 Marion County 1 Waggener 1 Carroll County TB 85
  3. I disagree, it is impossible to believe in several proven areas of science if you believe in a literal interpretation of creation. If you don't believe science it is impossible to make sound foreign policy, economic or domestic polices as scientific principals can play a major factor in all of those. Just my opinon though.
  4. Bryson Warner was a genius in 06 when he had Scott Gray, Vince Murray and Kris Pridgen and then again in 2010 when he had Hempfel, Mullens and Elliot. I guess time will tell how much of a Genius Engler is and how much the Raiders out work everyone when this couple of year run has graduated.
  5. I love how guys become wise and sucessful coaches. Marksberry was at SK for 8 years with a .422 winning percentage before Chad Lawerence, Miles Simpson and a huge population growth came along. A under .500 coach for almost a decade including 1 and 2 win seasons is now wise and successful. He either had a very slow learning curve or some circumstances involving Jimmys and Joes changed.
  6. It's definately coaching, I mean Bryson Warner beat Highlands and lost in the State Semi's to arguably one of the best Trinity teams ever while winning coach of the year. He was awful! Jimmys and Joes are up your coach of the year, Jimmys and Joes are down your fired.
  7. All this to say, there is a soon to be ex college football player being discussed in this thread. There isn't anything wrong with it and it happens every year to thousands of young men. It is tough being away from home, girl friends, family, etc. I suspect the last thing in the world this guy wants to do is tell his coach he has to leave early to go see his girl friend. He'll quit at the end of the season.
  8. While RaiderRailBird is being rather pompous in his/her delivery, I think his message is pretty accurate. I thought with the facilities, the CCYFL and an up and coming coach that the Camels would have turned the corner by now. I love me some Camels football but it is has been full of excuses since well before I played there about why they aren't competitive. I wish they were, I wish they had made deep playoff runs but they don't and have never been able to sustain any true level of sucess. IMO sports at CCHS has never truly had the full support of the administration, school board or the community. In fact the only State Champion coach they had was forced to chose between coaching and being an AD. This is probably a topic for another thread but I don't think RRB is incorrect about this topic even though it stings to hear. Go Camels!
  9. Sorry for your loss, I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
  10. 7 Holy Cross (Louisville) 5 Ludlow 3 Dayton 2 Newport Central Catholic 1 Lexington Catholic TB - Ludlow
  11. 5 Paducah Tilghman 3 Bowling Green 3 Murray 1 Bourbon County 1 Collins 1 Newport Central Catholic 1 Lexington Catholic 1 Madison Central 1 Mercer County 1 Belfry TB 38
  12. You can tell by the play calling that they do not trust Towles to throw the ball unless they are forced to. If that is the case they have to make a QB change but for some reason they are not. This tells me that they unfortunately do not have a better option.
  13. Towles hasn't been great but I'm not sure Barker would be better and yes he could be worse, a lot worse potentially.
  14. It's great to watch KY kids play on the big stage but sometimes that stage is too big...
  15. I'm not taking it personal at all, I don't know a single kid on the team. I was there however and didn't see bad officiating. I don't like for parents to blame a loss on officiating when that wasn't the case. No need to diminish the other team's accomplishments by blaming the officials is my only point.
  16. From my angle I couldn't tell if they were forward or not but the side judge clearly didn't blow the play dead. It is not the fault of the officials that Campbell County played until they heard a whistle and the Summit View kids did not. Another coaching issue and not an official problem. They may have missed a hold or two, I can't say but if you think those crack blocks on the bubble play they ran repeatedly were blocks in the back, then you are incorrect and do not understand the rule.
  17. Actually they snapped the ball and most everyone stayed in their stance except for the guard, QB and RB which confused the defense who didn't react. The ball was snapped and therefore not a false start. The Summit View kids should have reacted at the snap of the ball and not to the lack of movement from the Campbell county players. Your issue should be with the Summit View coaches and not the refs.
  18. I was at that game watching my step daughter cheer and didn't see a single bad call one way or the other. There were lots of encroachments, false starts, etc. but I didn't see anything that effected a big play. What call(s) are you talking about or is it just sour grapes?
  19. I'd imagine the numbers grew because a lot more people became eligible in 2008 due to the economic conditions at that time.
  20. I had appendicitis when I was a kid that my pediatrician misdiagnosed as a stomach virus. My appendix then ruptured causing all kinds of problems. I had to have two surgeries and spent 6 weeks in the hospital. The pain from the surgeries was nothing like the pain when it burst. I was unable to walk the pain was so bad.
  21. Goetz has become pretty effective at finding 6 figure gigs in the education space without doing any educating. Good for him I guess but he isn't a very popular dude.
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