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  1. Looks like Murphy and Macke are missing.
  2. It was a great day overall for the Lady Breds, JV started the day off with a triple OT win and varsity followed it up with a impress road victory. Both teams had players step it up. Go Breds! Newport Catholic 12-14-18-14 58 Montgomery Co. 15-13-11-06 45 Newport Catholic (4-0) -- Davenport 20, Seibert 4, Ware 10, Mayes 8, Lewis 6, Kiernan 10. Montgomery Co. (2-2) -- Conyers 4, Colliver 8, Rogers 7, Lockett 8, Spence 7, Tipton 11.
  3. Can you please post the link to the replay of the game? Would love to see the game.
  4. Why, she has only lead them to the region the last 2-3 years, and last year to the semi's....Must be another crazy parent head hunting....
  5. Not true, Latin is playing this year, so I don't know that effects the district.
  6. I think the next couple of games for Jake are going to be huge, he has alot of motivation.
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