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10th Region Surprises?

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1. Clark County's play without a healthy Tristian Jones. The bench getting extended minutes will help in the long run; and an 8th-grader is making major contributions this year.


2. Mason County Royal's Trevor Setty becoming a go-to guy in the clutch.


3. Three 10th Region teams making the quarters at the Fifth Third tournamant.


4. Mason County's dismantling of Bishop Brossart in the MCIT. One game does not a season make, but that was a "statement game".


5. Recent inspired play of the St. Patrick Saints. After demolished by Mason County in Game 1, the Patties doubled up on Deming at home and beat Augusta on the road in their last two contests.


6. Don't look now, but Silver Grove is 10-4. Can they make it to the Fieldhouse this year?


7. Covington Scott is 6-1 over their last 7 games. Fieldhouse?



Someone else please weigh in with more; I'm missing out on a lot with this short list.

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