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Shelby Valley/Hazard Updates

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JBS beat Pineville... not sure on the score.. but i think it was 77 to 51.



Game was tied at 23 at the half. Valley is up by 32 to 28 with 3:34 left in the 3rd.


Valley has completely shut down Hicks... Justice and Jackson have kept a close hand in his face the whole half.


At the half:


Hazard has shot 9 for 24, and 3 of 9 from the line, with 9 turnovers.

Hicks is 2 for 4 with 5 pts.

Jones has dominated the glass, and kept Hazard in the game with 11 rebounds in the first half.



Valley has shot 9 for 23, and 4 of 9 from the line, with 8 turnovers

Valley is led with J. Bryant with 9.

Newsome has 4.




Cambell just picked up his 4th foul.


Turnovers is the name of the game. 5 turnovers in 7 seconds.

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