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Bengals did it perfectly resting their starters. Hilton having to go in almost lost them a key player, but luckily they said he was ok. 

As it looks now assuming the Bengals will be the 4 seed. The Bengals will most likely either play the Patriots or the Raiders. If the Patriots lose and Raiders win, they get the Raiders. If the Pats lose and the Chargers win, then they still get the Patriots. 

Still a chance at the 3 seed if both the Patriots and Bills lose. 

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RB D'Ernest Johnson had a nice game for the Browns: 25 carries, 123 yds, TD.  At one point they handed him the ball 9 plays in a row.  He was on Covid reserve all week and was activated on Saturday.  QB Case Keenum interrupted his own presser following the game to ask Johnson what he did to stay ready this week.  "A lot of little things on the side," he said, "push ups, band work, and running."

D'Ernest is always ready.  He has 75 carries on the year for 411 yards and a 5.5 ypc.  He has the highest rushing rating by PFF on the season.  And he leads the league in elusive rating.  And he's been an effective kick returner when given the opportunity with a 25.1 yard average.  

He's a restricted free agent, meaning the Browns have the right of first refusal.  But I think some teams will be interested.  The Browns won't want to give him up.  The Browns found him on the Orlando Apollos in Alliance of American Football league in 2019.  As much as I like him on the Browns, I'd like to see him in a starting role and that would have to be somewhere else.  He deserves it.  Case Keenum seems to think so too.  

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