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NKY Girls Basketball Top 10 -- Week 3

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As we enter into the very active week before Christmas, you are going to find some movement in the rankings below, as well as a lot of movement in the group to keep an eye on.  Some interesting results, some teams starting to play better, some teams getting some players back, others now missing some. 

I will share that I struggled this week at the #3 and #4 spots, but ultimately decided to leave Cooper at #3 and Dixie at #4, I suppose, based on head to head in week #1.  Dixie is playing incredibly well, handling the MoCo team that beat Cooper, and after a deep dive into each team's results last week, I decided to leave them as they were.  Know that they are very, very close.

A lot of shake-up and movement in spots 7-10, and as well, the top of the others to watch category, and we'll like see more in this short week.  Undefeated Ludlow goes to Campbell Co and undefeated Newport goes to St. Henry, so both of those games should help to understand just what the Panthers and Wildcats have going on.  Speaking of St. Henry, they are off to a 5-2 start, which eclipses their win total of last season, so congrats to Coach Smart and the Lady Crusaders!  Okay, without further ado, here we go:

1.  Notre Dame (7-0)     This week they have 3 games at the Queen of the Commowealth.

2.  Ryle  (7-2)     Only a home game with Bishop Brossart this week.

3.  Cooper  (5-2)  The Lady Jags have two games at the Traditional Bank Holiday Classic.

4.  Dixie  (8-1)  Only a home game vs Central Hardin this week

5.  Holy Cross  (5-4)  Only a home game vs St. Henry this week

6.  Conner  (6-3)  Two games at the Traditional Bank Holiday Classic.

7.  NewCath (5-3)  They host Central Hardin and Seton (OH) this week

8.  Ludlow  (8-0)  They travel to Campbell County this week.

9.  Newport (7-0)  They travel to St. Henry and then host Beechwood this week.

10. Simon Kenton (6-5)  Two games at the Traditional Bank Holiday Classic

Others to Watch:

*  Walton Verona (5-3)

*  St. Henry (5-2)

*  Campbell County (4-4)

*  Highlands (1-4)

*  Bishop Brossart (4-2)

*  Bellevue (6-0)

*  Scott (4-4)

*  Holmes (3-3)

*  Lloyd  (2-4)

*  Beechwood (4-6)

*  Grant County (3-4)

*  Dayton (3-5)


MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of our NKY Girls' basketball teams, play well, stay healthy, and have a GREAT Christmas weekend with your friends and family.  Safe travels to those around the state (or in Tennessee, Bellevue!) this week.

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