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Story on Ashlands Tre Troxler (Cross Country)

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Tre Has cystic fibrosis but still manages to Run cross Country.

Zack Klemme | The Daily Independent

‘Trox’ keeps truckin’: Ashland cross country runner not defined by cystic fibrosis



CF attacks, among other areas, the lungs. It causes cell secretions in the respiratory system and elsewhere to be sticky and thick instead of thin and slippery, according to the Mayo Clinic. That has the effect of plugging things up instead of lubricating them — hardly ideal for catching one’s breath during and after strenuous exercise such as distance running.

So, in sum, Troxler has done well enough just under two months into his career in a sport he had never tried to receive three collegiate offers and counting — all the while battling his own body.

Really good read.

Click the link to read the whole article.

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