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“IF” Highlands beats Covington Catholic.

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1 hour ago, Jack of all Trades said:

Perhaps a little of both to be honest.  The biggest issue this year and for last several has been tackling to me.  Way back in the day, one was taught to get their head across, wrap arms and bring to ground.  Then when I was coaching it evolved to tackling high with your chest plate out and head back.  Now going back to tackling lower on the body.  Also there was little to no live tackling at practices and the result is guys who don’t know how to break down and make a tackle in open field.  

Fundamental tackling is so important. Don’t understand how it is overlooked. Do they still have the one man sled? That thing , open field tackle and Oklahoma are what turn a kid into a tackling machine. Oh and clean in the weight room.  

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“Big” wins is being thrown around pretty loosely. BG is 3-4, SK is 1-6 and Campbell is 1-6 and Boone has been struggling for a decade.

There were A LOT of older helmets and equipment that should have been replaced before it actually was. However, all of the equipment that was given to players was safe and certified. Was it top of the

Agree. The Conner game is the tell tale game for me on the 2021 Bluebirds. 

It is amazing how tackling evolved.  In my era there was bull in the ring, Oklahoma and nobody had green or red jerseys; however we brought the wood and we wrapped.  You miss tackles even in practice conditioning was a bear!  Football has become soft, in HHS case they have specific drills and it will get better.  What I have seen in film is tackle to high and they don’t finish.  I have seen missed tackles go from negative yards to 8 yard gains.  That has to be corrected.

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