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Union, KY man illegally harvested a Top 25 scoring non-typical deer.


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I deer hunt - a whole lot less frequently than I wish I did. I also grew up in Fort Mitchell, KY, about 3/4 of a mile from its shared border with Lakeside Park. People I know in that area started texting me pictures of this deer about three years ago when it really started to come into impressive antlers. There have always been bucks with impressively large racks wandering around those two cities, but this one was something else. Added to my interest, this buck in particular generally bedded down in the backyard of my sister-in-law's parents. I ate dinner on the screened in porch at their house once while it was no more than 40 feet away grazing through the little compost heap in their backyard.



About 2-1/2 weeks ago, this picture of a buck with an un-cannily similar rack showed up on a northern Kentucky hunters' Facebook group. The deer was allegedly "killed by my buddy's buddy's buddy's buddy in Owen County", or something along that line. Almost immediately, hunters from the Fort Mitchell and Lakeside Park are called out the claims as false since Kentucky white tail deer generally don't have a home range of more than a couple of miles in their lifetimes, and many of them felt confident that they had pictures of the deer in their own yards.

The Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources began their investigation on November 5th, circulating this photo taken of the deer in Fort Mitchell in late summer/early fall.



Looks like the KDFWR got their man. 58 year old Robert Koch from Union. Per the article, he falsely tele-checked the deer as being taken in Owen County on November 1st, and the falsely claimed to conservation officers that he had taken it on private property in Fort Mitchell where he had been given permission to hunt the deer. The landowner claimed otherwise, on top of city ordinances in Fort Mitchell preventing firearms, bows, or crossbows from being discharged within city limits.

Union Man Charged in Ft. Mitchell Deer Hunting Case | The River City News

The unofficial score on the buck's antlers was 230-3/4 inches. Currently state record in Kentucky is 271-7/8 inches.

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