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Boyd County vs South Laurel (Updates)

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Boyd County 8 South Laruel 7

Boyd County has tried to run to their right almost 98% of the time and so far they might have 3 first downs .

South Laurel looks like they should be able to run all over Boyd County with the big hogs up front but so far the Lions have not allowed much.


Just has I was ready to post this 22 for the Lions broke a 50 yard run for a touchdown on the last play of the half. Then they converted a two point run.

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Refs reverse a fumble recovery by the Lions and the give them a flag for illegal contact to the head. SL keeps the ball at BC three.

One play later 21 scores.

21-8 SL 2:36 left.

This one is all but over. The Lions seem to have one deep pass in the playbook today and that is roll the QB to the right and then throw it down the side line. Has not worked all day.

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