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Open Jobs/Filled Jobs 2018-2019

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This thread will be used for tracking all open coaching jobs, and all of those jobs as they are filled. If anyone has information on a new job coming open, any updates on an ongoing coaching search, or finds out a job has been filled, please feel free to start a new thread on the opening/filled position. If there is a thread already out there, don't hesitate to add your info. We're all glad to hear it.


I will link the thread for each open/filled job to streamline your searching.



1) Berea - FILLED

2) Boone County - FILLED

3) Caldwell County - FILLED

4) Mercer County - FILLED

5) Ohio County - FILLED

6) Oldham County - FILLED

7) Pendleton County - FILLED

8) Pikeville - FILLED

9) Pulaski County - FILLED

10) Scott - FILLED

11) St. Francis - FILLED

12) Taylor County - FILLED

13) Villa Madonna - FILLED

14) Whitefield Academy - FILLED



1) Berea - Mitch Plowman

2) Boone County - Suli Kayed

3) Caldwell County - Tanner Reed

4) Mercer County - Garrett Stark

5) Ohio County - Alex Tungate

6) Oldham County - Paul Maddox

7) Pendleton County - Brian Adams

8) Pikeville - Francisco Gamero

9) Pulaski County - Darrell McGahan

10) Scott - Chris Kaylor

11) St. Francis - Naresh Keswani

12) Taylor County - Derek Bell

13) Villa Madonna - Roger Lane

14) Whitefield Academy - Tonny Phiri

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Obviously we haven't been tracking these openings for the entirety of the off-season, nor have we had threads started for the jobs, but feel free to add a thread for any individual openings you would like to discuss, or mention any jobs that have already come open and been filled here in this thread and I'll add them to the list.

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