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Are there any region tournaments with as many cancelled games as the 5th region?

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Only 2 games completed on Monday. Washington County over Adair County 3-2 and Central Hardin over Green County 5-3. Larue County vs Elizabethtown was postponed on Monday in the 2nd inning with Larue County leading Elizabethtown 2-0.

Still to be completed in the quarterfinal round is Larue County vs Elizabethtown and Bardstown vs Campbellsville.

Also to be completed are the 2 semifinal games and championship

God only knows when this tournament will resume????

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1st region has been crazy. Finished the 1st round yesterday with one game.

2 games completed Monday and a 3rd started.

Tuesday game 3 finished and game 4 started.

Wednesday game 4 finished.

Thursday semis cancelled


Semis will now be Friday and finals Saturday.

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14th region championship game between Estill County and Perry Central has been rescheduled twice since Wednesday


That's nothing. We are still trying to get finished with all of the first-round games in the 5th.


LaRue Co. beat E'town 3-1 tonight in a game that started Monday. Bardstown and Campbellsville finally got a chance to take the field tonight.


They got 2 1/2 innings in and two strikes on the leadoff batter in the B3rd when lightning was sighted and play was suspended. Bardstown was up 1-0 at the time after piecing together two singles, a walk and a sacrifice and a groundout to plate a run in the T3rd.


Here's the schedule as I know it:


2:30pm — Washington Co. v. Central Hardin SF game

5pm — resumption of Bardstown-Campbellsville QF game

7:45pm — LaRue Co. v. BHS/CHS winner in SFs


The scheduling for Saturday was complicated by graduations at some of the participating schools. Finals are set for Sunday, but I'm not sure what time.

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