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Best of NKY:QB,RB,WR


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Inspired from the Best of Western Kentucky threads I thought I'd start one that included the 3 skill positions as 1 thread for NKY


So far this season, even though it's early here is who I have as the best in NKY at the 3 skill positions

I'm getting the information from KHSAA so if a team does not report their stats to KHSAA then they were not included.


QB: Jarod Lonaker from Cooper. Jarod is currently ranked 4th in the state out of all the classes and 2nd in the state for 6A. He has a 63% compl % and a QB rating of 138.7 with 9 TD's so far after 3 games.


RB: Jose Torres from Dixie. Jose has 237 yds rushing a game after 2 games so far. He currently ranks 2nd in the state with the 237 yds per game avg.


WR: I have 2 because they are so close in their numbers so far

Dante Hendrix from Cooper and Nick Veneman from Highlands

Dante with 18 receptions Nick with 15

Dante with 6 TD's Nick with 4 TD's

Dante with 374 yds receiving Nick with 384 yds receiving


Both WR's are ranked in the top 5 in the state for all classes with Nick ranked 3rd in receiving yards per game in the state and Dante ranked 1st in TD's.


That's my list, will be interested how they will finish this year, especially the QB position seeing how this is the 5th year in a row that Cooper started a senior at the QB position and every season they seem to really perform well when compared to the DI QB's in the area.

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