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  1. I can only speculate. I don't coach football. But I can tell you that we have seen talent decrease before and it was for years at a time. Some will tell you that talent is still there. Some will tell you the depth of talent is not there like it used to be. Some will tell you that these last couple classes have had talent, just not the 1-5 studs that previous classes have had. Some will tell you size has been an issue with these last couple classes. And some will tell you because HHS isn't getting outside talent any longer is the sole reason! Ha Ha. I said this about 3 years ago. When you platoon and your depth of talent goes down (over multiple classes in a row), you will struggle. My feeling is that the "depth" of talent (compared to the past 10 years) is not there and these last couple classes have had some very good football players, but not the big time studs the others had when depth was down. We've had other years where depth was down and were able to hide it because we have studs in certain positions that made up for it. But when you have depth issues, no big time studs and platoon still and multiple classes in a row without a big stud, it becomes tough. HHS is really a 4A school and landlocked. Some will say, "well that's always been that way!" and they are right. But what they don't realize is success goes in cycles. No one wants to believe that because of the unbelievable talent run they had recently. But in the course of the entire program, that was a small period of up time. We are now in a small period where the stars are aligning and you are seeing the down sides. It happens, even in Ft Thomas. Look, we can't go out and build new houses. So think about this as just one example...the families that were here thru all those years of success still occupy the houses they were in. But they have no boys that play any longer. So the turnover of houses slows eventually. People grow old and move out or pass on and then it opens up housing. This goes in cycles as well. Sometimes there are a lot of houses available and sometimes you can't find houses that are even close to affordable and they go off the market as fast as they hit the market. I know this is kinda morbid, but in small towns, it does play into it a little bit. Also, the cost of your average house is not what you see in other areas and it's a sellers market right now so prices are skyrocketed, even for Ft Thomas. So it's not easy for parents, that want to come, to actually pull the trigger. I hear it almost every day! And yes, other schools have stepped up their game! Which is awesome for NKY! I only use those few examples above because there are a lot of things people outside the community don't think of or have any idea about. But we know. There are SEVERAL other factors that play into it. But at the end of the day, it comes and goes just like every other school. Luckily the tradition typically covers it up in the Fort and it's not as noticeable as some other areas. But it still happens and I really think everything has aligned perfectly in this case to see the success level we are seeing right now. But guess what, I have no doubt it will turn back around at some point. And I mean absolutely no doubt. .
  2. To platoon or not platoon. Tough question. HHS has won state championships both ways. IMO...It really depends on adapting each year to what you have. Every coach knows their talent level and depth. The reason I think Dale was so good is because he adapted so well to all the variables you face coaching high school sports.
  3. Still all perceptions of what was happeneing. Just because you say he will talk to him eventually, you're making assumptions as to what that means. How many head coaches have watched other kids play? And if you reported it I'm sure it was investigated. Do you know how many people reported things during Mueller's time there? And still nothing! He was my AD while in his last year's. His advice to me was play completely by the rules and suspect EVERYONE as trying to take you down. Strick instructions to refer everyone to the administration and don't have conversations about your program. Because people would love to take hhs down in any sport. That is straight from his mouth. So again, believe what you want. And you have your perception of the event. But you reported it and nothing happened. Just like 100's of other reports and accusations.
  4. Okay, so let me ask this? As many people that would have loved to take down HHS...and nothing! All those years of accusations and nothing. Don't you think that SOMETHING would have been proved and assesed? But nothing! So again, all rumors til something is proven. And again, do you know how many accusations I've heard over the years?? I mean so many that we became numb to it. You all can keep reaching an making accusations, but you really have no idea unless you have first hand information. And I mean first hand. I'm not talking about this info that's trying to take down Trump. Real info. And I will say this. If you had it at the time, you would have brought it up cause every program in NKY would have love to take down HHS at that time.
  5. I don't know about Hauck. Someone a little older would have to chime in. Duffy was not a hhs guy.
  6. I'm not saying you're lying or wrong, but do you know how many "stories" I have heard that turned out completely false? Do you know how many accusations I've heard about HHS and none of them were true? Do you know how many times I have heard dads tell me their some is being "recruited" by HHS to find out the staff didn't even know who the kid was? I'm stating facts. The vast majority of HHS success of due to Ft Thomas kids. I know that first hand and have witnessed it for almost 40 years. So again, believe what you want. Just like everyone else. Everyone has the "Highlands" story. It's fine.
  7. You too need to read my response to that quote. Ridiculous! Everyone thinks they know so much about HHS and they are incorrect. Anyone that thinks that anyone other than Ft Thomas kids have the most impact on this program over the years is insulting the entire program. But nice try. Keep following the rumors that have surrounded this program for years. There have been some impact players from that came from other areas. But that's all people remember. There are 100's of Ft Thomas kids that have had just as much impact.
  8. Yes. He's an HHS guy. Played and graduated from there.
  9. No, you are trying to lead me to a conclusion and it's not going to happen. I respect BW a lot and I think there is a lot he is dealing with right now and I have confidence he will get it cleaned up. Every program has ups and downs. I've been saying for years that HHS has seen downs in the past. When you're coming off 10 years of exceptional success, everything you do will look like a downfall. Yes, they have experienced the worse last year, but there are several factors and all those take time to repair. Culture is one of them. Each coach has their own style and they have to instill that. Sometimes it works and sometimes it's doesn't. And sometimes change takes time to take hold.
  10. Well you asked if Dale's culture would produce better results. Not answering that. I gave you my opinion on "culture".
  11. If your question is about coaching, then yes, you are correct. I won't answer or participate in a discussion about coaching. I coach there too! I know the kids and coaches work their tails off. I see it all the time. We battle them for time in the fieldhouse! I have opinions, but you won't see too much out of me around coaching.
  12. I didn't say a word about coaching. And I won't. AND HHS culture goes back way further than Dale.
  13. Do you know how many really good players chose not to play over the years because of the culture? It's hundreds.
  14. Absolutely not! Culture is part of the program. You as a player adapt to the culture or you don't play.
  15. I can tell you there are only a very few on here and one of them is in this thread.
  16. Flocking??? You realize that over time those flocking to HHS only made up about 5% of the roster each year. And there are tuition kids on the team now! And there were the last two years.
  17. So do the Birds have 1 defensive stop (other than interceptions) in two games?
  18. How many times has Ryle punted tonight?
  19. I don't think it's lack of effort from the players at all. I see them in their workouts and they bust their tails!
  20. I was actually saying we have that saying on the back of our shirts for softball...I'm the softball coach! I thought maybe you saw it on our shirts and that's where you got it from!
  21. Okay, very disappointed...I came here looking for the Ryle "playbook update of the day" and nothing!!! Very disappointed in some of you!! All of a sudden it's hush hush...the Union Mafia put out a gag order on you guys???
  22. Are you an HHS softball fan??? We have that on the back of one of our shirts!!!!
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