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Fourth Region Rankings

1) Bowling Green (7-2) - 12/21 61-65 L Ballard (at Fairdale), 12/23 78-50 W at Fairdale

Previous Rank: 1

This Week: 12/28 vs. West Creek (TN), 12/29-12/30 Meijer Classic, 1/2 vs. #10 South Warren


The Purples have suffered a couple of losses in the wake of the injury to G Thomas Booker (4-6 weeks), but are still the best team in the 4th Region. They'll host the Meijer Classic before feasting on a slumping South Warren team.


2) Barren County (9-1) - 12/21 49-56 L at Murray, 12/22 68-51 W Ballard Memorial (at Murray), 12/22 66-54 W Calloway County (at Murray)

Previous Rank: 2

This Week: 12/28 vs. St. X (at Bowling Green), 12/29-12/30 Meijer Classic, 1/2 vs. #15 Glasgow


Barren County's unbeaten run ended at Murray, but are off to their best start since also opening 9-1 in 2011/2012. If they win enough, they may get an early shot at Bowling Green before their scheduled game on January 5th.


3) Franklin-Simpson (9-1) - 12/21 62-61 W #8 Russell County (at Hancock County), 12/22 57-43 W at Hancock County, 12/27 80-85 L Clay County (at Corbin)

Previous Rank: 3

This Week: 12/28 vs. Barbourville (at Corbin), 12/29 Cumberland Falls Invitational


The Wildcats suffered their first loss to highly regarded Clay County to end a 9-0 start, but have still matched their win total from all of last season. Carlesso Doaks (11.7 PPG) and Trey Radcliffe (10.6 PPG) have complimented the unstoppable Tavin Lovan (27.2 PPG) very nicely.


4) Warren Central (6-3) - 12/22 51-40 W at Bardstown

Previous Rank: 5

This Week: 12/28-12/30 Lafayette (GA) Christmas Classic, 1/2 vs. Bardstown (at Central Hardin)


The Dragons are quietly putting together a decent start outside of a punishing loss against Christian County earlier in the year. Seniors Bowman and Murray have averaged nearly 16 and 14 PPG respectively.


5) Russellville (5-2) - 12/21 56-70 L at Paducah Tilghman, 12/22 110-104 2OT W University Heights (at Paducah Tilghman), 12/22 72-53 W Mayfield (at Paducah Tilghman)

Previous Rank: 4

This Week: 12/29 vs. St. Mary, 12/30 First Southern National Bank Christmas Classic, 1/2 at #13 Logan County


The Panthers missed their shot to move up when they fell to Barren County at home on the 18th, but turned in an exciting 110-104 win over University Heights in double overtime last week. They host the First Southern National Bank Christmas Classic this week.


6) Warren East (8-2) - 12/21 106-76 W Hopkins County Central (at Greenwood), 12/22 80-47 W #15 Todd County Central (at Greenwood), 12/23 66-67 L Perry County Central (at Greenwood)

Previous Rank: 6

This Week: 12/28 vs. Paducah Tilghman (at Bowling Green), 12/29-12/30 Meijer Classic


The Raiders have been on a tear, just narrowly missing out on winning their Holiday Hoops Classic with a 67-66 loss to Perry County Central. They matched their 8-1 start through 9 games from two years ago, but will look to avoid the second half collapse that marred that season. Kaleb Britt and MacKenzie Strange have averaged 23 PPG and 19 PPG respectively, helping the Raiders to a 74.2 PPG average. They recently scored over 100 points for the first time since 1978.


7) Russell County (7-2) - 12/21 61-62 L #3 Franklin-Simpson (at Hancock County, 12/22 62-51 W Western (at Hancock County)

Previous Rank: 8

This Week: 12/28 vs. Jackson City (at Powell County), 12/29 vs. Harlan County (at Powell County), 12/30 vs. Tates Creek (at Powell County)


The Lakers' road loss to Greenwood has improved in stature, and they lost on a last second three by Tavin Lovan to miss out on a signature win over Franklin-Simpson. They will get another chance when they host Bowling Green in mid January.


8) Greenwood (6-5) - 12/21 54-53 OT W #13 Allen County-Scottsville (at Adair County), 12/22 57-47 W Hart County (at Adair County), 12/22 50-66 L at Adair County

Previous Rank: 10

This Week: 12/28 vs. North Bullitt (at LaRue County), 12/29-12/30 LaRue County Holiday Classic


The Gators are incredibly tough to figure out. They've had some ups (wins over Russell County, Edmonson County, and South Warren), and some real downs (eeking out an OT win over Allen County-Scottsville, losing to Clinton County). They're in a stalking horse position in their district and region right now, but picked up a huge district win over South Warren on December 18th to improve their positioning.


9) Clinton County (7-5) - 12/21 67-65 W Grant County, 12/22 56-63 L #16 Metcalfe County, 12/22 45-52 L Christian Academy-Louisville, 12/23 62-44 W Anderson County

Previous Rank: 9

This Week: 12/28 vs. Estill County (at Powell County), 12/29 vs. Jackson City (at Powell County), 12/30 vs. Lee County (at Powell County)


The Bulldogs have gone 7-2 since opening 0-3, but have the most head scratching result of the year so far, falling to Metcalfe County 63-56, at home, on the 22nd during their Christmas tournament. Clinton County had beaten the Hornets by 23 just ten days prior. The Bulldogs may not be able to take for granted that they will advance into region tourney play as they've been able to for several years.


10) South Warren (3-8) - 12/21 61-71 L at Owensboro, 12/21 26-46 L Owensboro Catholic (at Owensboro), 12/22 63-61 W Henderson County (at Owensboro Sports Center), 12/26 39-54 L Central Hardin (at Campbellsville), 12/27 46-54 L at Campbellsville)

Previous Rank: 7

This Week: 12/28 vs. #11 Monroe County (at Campbellsville), 1/2 at #1 Bowling Green


The Spartans may be the most disappointing team in the region right now. Big things were expected from a team that brought in a great coach in Tony Hopper and returned a great core in Dayton Gumm and Brandon Stacker, two of the best players in the region. Since starting 2-0, they have fallen in eight of their last nine games. The low point came in a 46-26 loss to Owensboro Catholic, the lowest point total ever posted by South Warren.


11) Monroe County (3-9) - 12/21 76-86 L Caverna (at Greenwood), 12/21 51-73 L Perry County Central (at Greenwood), 12/23 69-57 W #15 Todd County Central (at Greenwood), 12/26 74-84 L Green County (at Campbellsville), 12/27 61-63 OT L Grayson County (at Campbellsville)

Previous Rank: 11

This Week: 12/28 vs. #10 South Warren, 1/2 at Central Hardin


Life remains tough for the Falcons after the success of the last couple of years. Their only three wins are over teams in the basement of the region, and they're more than halfway to as many losses this year (nine) as the last two combined (15). They play a neutral site game with South Warren for a chance to move into the top 10, and still figure to have a good chance to advance to region tournament play when all is said and done.


12) Allen County-Scottsville (3-7) - 12/21 53-54 OT L #10 Greenwood (at Adair County), 12/22 68-67 OT W at Adair County, 12/22 68-52 W Hart County (at Adair CountY)

Previous Rank: 13

This Week: None


The Patriots have run afoul of six of the region's top 8 teams, losing all of them, so perhaps they might be a bit better than this spot. Their 68-67 OT win over Adair County, a team that has knocked off one of the top teams in the state in Taylor County, bodes well for their chances to play spoiler for some teams.


13) Logan County (3-5) - 12/21 44-39 W Houston County (TN), 12/22 58-55 W Northwest (TN)

Previous Rank: 12

This Week: 12/29 vs. Prestonsburg (at Russellville), 12/30 First Southern National Bank Christmas Classic


The Cougars traveled out of state to get back in the win column, and will hope to ride that momentum this week inside the county borders at the First Southern National Bank Christmas Classic at Russellville. Then they have the always huge rivalry game with Russellville on January 2nd.


14) Metcalfe County (2-9) - 12/21 65-81 L Grant County (at Clinton County), 12/22 63-56 W at #9 Clinton County, 12/22 27-66 L Anderson County (at Clinton County), 12/23 44-69 L Christian Academy-Louisville (at Clinton County)

Previous Rank: 16

This Week: None


Metcalfe County moves up by virtue of their first win over a district opponent not named Cumberland County since 2011/2012. Their 63-56 win over Clinton County came out of nowhere, and unfortunately for them does not count in the district standings. But it gives them a glimmer of hope.


15) Glasgow (1-6) - 12/21 26-62 L at Boyle County

Previous Rank: 14

This Week: 12/28 vs. Crittenden County (at LaRue County), 12/29-12/30 LaRue County Holiday Classic


The Scotties have dropped six straight since their opening win over Marion County, all by double digits.


16) Todd County Central (0-11) - 12/22 47-80 L #6 Warren East (at Greenwood), 12/22 69-70 L Hopkins County Central (at Greenwood), 12/23 57-69 L #11 Monroe County (at Greenwood)

Previous Rank: 15

This Week: 1/2 at Kenwood (TN)


The Rebels went to overtime with Hopkins County Central, but couldn't gain their first win of the year, falling 70-69 at Greenwood High School. Their losing streak is now 25 straight, and they have not won in a calendar year, since knocking off Owensboro Catholic during last year's Meijer Christmas Classic at Bowling Green High. If their schedule is correct and they don't play until Saturday, they'll have gone the entire year of 2015 without a win.


17) Cumberland County (0-10) - 12/21 48-70 L Louisville Holy Cross (at Butler County), 12/22 60-65 L at Butler County

Previous Rank: 17

This Week: 1/2 vs. McCreary Central


It's now 43 straight losses for Cumberland County, who narrowly missed on a shot at Butler County, falling 65-60 on the road. Their best chances at breaking that come in the next few weeks, when they travel to Metcalfe County on January 5th, and play Todd County Central on January 18th.

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