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Updated Maher Rankings 11/4


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The rankings are updated.


Maher Rankings | Kentucky High School Soccer Rankings


Your top 20:

Rank Team

1 Henry Clay

2 Trinity (Louisville)

3 Bowling Green

4 Covington Catholic

5 St. Xavier

6 South Oldham

7 Daviess County

8 Madison Central

9 Oldham County

10 Paul Laurence Dunbar

11 Kentucky Country Day

12 Tates Creek

13 South Warren

14 Montgomery County

15 Mercer County

16 DuPont Manual

17 Hopkinsville

18 Woodford County

19 Lafayette

20 North Hardin

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Yep......I'm sorry, but if head to head doesn't have a larger factor in the rankings then there is a flaw. CCH beats Trinity on a neutral pitch, and quite frankly, it wasn't as close as the 2-1 score, if you consider shots on goal, possession, and the fact that it was 2-0 until 5 minutes left in the game.....


The biggest factor of which team is better is which one wins when they go head to head.

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Maher may not be perfect, but it is as accurate as KY HS soccer has ever had. All of those teams were in the mix all year long & most were represented in the state tourney. Some were in tougher regions & eliminated, but still deserved top ranking. The best algorithm is winning it all. CC can move to the top by beating HC - and vice versa.

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But that isn't guaranteed......with the algorithm, does winning it all really move you to the top....assume CCH wins Saturday....The last time they beat the number 1 team, it moved them up 1 spot to 4........so winning it all and beating the current maher number 1 could move them to the 3rd spot......if history repeats

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