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This is one I could have put in the thread http://bluegrasspreps.com/television-films-music/song-discoveries-thanks-309326.html, as until a few days ago I had NEVER heard it. However, I think it's such a great song I thought I'd try something new with "Rate This Song".


This tune is the last song recorded by the late Boston front man, Brad Delp. Written by Delp and former Boston lead guitarist, Barry Goudreau, it was written in the summer of 2006 for the 30th Anniversary of the release of the first Boston record. In it, Delp reflects on how he became involved in music, and thanks his many fans for their years of loyalty. It tells the story of how he feel in love with music and how Boston was turned down by just about EVERY label. also, pretty cool how they incorporate the songs "Hitch a Ride", "Rock n' Roll Band", & More Than a Feeling" in the lyrics.


I've included the lyrics to follow along.......let me know what you think.




I was born a singer.

It wasn't something I planned.

All I ever wanted was to be what I am.


I was just thirteen years old.

I heard a record that stopped me cold.

I bought a Sears guitar and I started to jam.



Nothin' could be any better.

The music fit me to the letter.

I was feelin' it back in the day.

When we were rockin' away.


Just me in my room with the Beatles.

Wore those old records out with the needle.

Just as Maggie was stuck in my vein.

We were rockin' away.

Rockin' away.


I grew up in the '60's.

'67 was the summer of love.

Those were times when the music had something to say.

Hitched a ride with a rock 'n' roll band.

Made a demo it was more than a feelin'.

We shipped it off and we thought we were well on our way.

Well on our way-ay-ay!


I remember we all got together.

Held our breath as we opened the letter

From the record execs in L.A.

They sent us back on our way.


While the suits found it hard to define us

Nobody wanted to sign us.

It was clear there were dues left to pay.

But we kept rockin' away.


Rockin' away






(guitar solo)


30 years since we wrote those songs.

Now when we play 'em, people sing along.

I bless the fans who stuck with us all of the way.

What can I say-ay-ay?


Nothing could be any better.

It was more than a feeling whenever

we were kickin' it back in the day.

When we were rockin' away.


No one could feel any better.

The music fits me to the letter.

And it's not really different today.

We keep rockin' away.

Rockin' away

We're still rockin' away.

We were rockin' awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

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I read the lyrics before listening and found them to be an interesting read. Not sure that they pulled off the song strong enough to match the lyrics as it came off a little cheesy and although definitely Boston, just not one of their best efforts. I like what they were trying to do, but felt they came up short. Still interesting though to hear them look back and reflect on their past. In many ways I could relate to being 13 and listening to them just as he was listening to the Beatles when he was 13.

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