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Walk Ahead for a Brain Tumor Cure 5K Walk/Run

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I am walking in this years Walk Ahead for a Brain Tumor Cure 5K Walk/Run, I am doing so in the memory of a lady that was a very special part of my family's and my life. Her name was Debbie Switzer-Powell, she was my boss and my friend. She treated all of us like family and was a very generous and kind person. She lost her 6 year battle with a brain tumor early this year, so her daughter decided to set up a team to walk for a cure in UC's Health's 6th annual Walk/Run for a Cure.


The Team I am walking for is Mama Deb, I would like to ask any BGPer willing to sponsor me in this walk. You can do so by clicking here.

If you would like to donate, but don't wish to sponsor me, you can do so in several different ways by visiting the Ways to Donate Page.

If you would rather participate yourself, you can do so by visiting the Registration Page.


215,000 people are stricken with brain tumors in America every year. About 45,000 of these individuals suffer primary tumors, which originate in the brain without warning and often without any known cause. An additional 170,000 people suffer metastatic brain tumors, whose source is a cancer elsewhere in the body.


During the last two decades, the incidence of brain tumors has increased 22 percent overall and 55 percent in people over 65 years of age. Proceeds from Walk Ahead support research and education at the UC Brain Tumor Center.


The Brain Tumor Center is one of nine specialty centers within the UC Neuroscience Institute and is a close affiliate of the renowned Mayfield Clinic neurosurgical practice and several specialty departments of UC Physicians and the UC College of Medicine. The Brain Tumor Center is working hard to treat brain tumors, to find cures and to understand why these tumors occur. The Center’s multidisciplinary clinical team of specialists uses multiple tumor-fighting therapies, from implantable chemotherapy wafers to shaped-beam radiation to promising vaccines. The Center makes new therapies available to patients through carefully managed clinical trials.


If you can donate, participate or help in any way, please do. I thank each of you in advance.

God bless.

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RTS, you just made your goal! Also it looks like Team Mama Deb is leading the way! Good luck to you on your walk.:walk:
God bless you! And God bless the other contributors! The kindness of people will always shine through over the horrible things we often see.


If others wish to also contribute to this worthy cause, it would be greatly appreciated.

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