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Man takes legal action after Denver baker refuses to make anti-gay cake


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At the Azucar Bakery along South Broadway, love is spread one stroke at a time. But even love has its limits.So when a still-unidentified customer came into her shop about a year ago asking to have a gay slur written on a Bible-shaped cake, owner Marjorie Silva said she felt she had to draw the line.

Now she’s facing legal action.

“I just want to make cake for happy people,” Silva said. “I’m Christian. I support Christians. We make a lot of Christian cakes. But this just wasn’t right.”

The customer came into Silva’s shop in March of 2014, just months after the conclusion of a very similar incident that took place inside a Lakewood bakery in December of 2013.

In a decision that was eventually upheld by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, a judge ruled that Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips broke discrimination laws when he refused to make a cake for Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig, a gay Colorado couple who had attempted to purchase the baked good for their Massachusetts wedding in July of 2012.

Flash forward almost two years, and Silva found herself dealing with a man she described as “very pushy and disruptive,” asking her to bake a cake with an anti-gay message she won’t fully repeat to this day.

Silva said she told the customer she would make the cake with a blank Bible page so that he could write whatever he wanted inside. She said she even offered to give the man an instrument to write the words himself.



Man takes legal action after Denver baker refuses to make anti-gay cake | FOX31 Denver

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