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First Ever Mason County Outdoor Track Invitational

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Held today at MC's new track. Still some amenities to add but the weather (and gearing up for the indoor state meet) kept things behind schedule. Need electric and water and maybe permanent bleachers, but I like the terraces for folks that bring their own chairs. Generator that ran the FAT system went down but only caused about a 20-minute delay.


Seemed like about 16 or 18 teams in attendance but not positive - several from NKY made the trip (I saw Simon Kenton, Dixie Heights and Holmes), several from southern Ohio, and many of KY's Area 7 teams (Area 7 AND regionals will both be held here).


Some things never change. Harrison County's girls strong in hurdles (although there was a girl from South Dearborn that won going away in the 300H), good boys sprinters for Mason County (most play football); and girls all over the place asking their coaches to take them out or switch events and assignments as the day went on. Believe me - a regular occurrence at HS track meets.


I left with about 3 or 4 events to score; looked like Mason County was winning the boys' side.


Shut-out to Coach Kachler for getting this facility up and running!

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It's early. Everybody is without somebody at this point in time.


It was nice to see a few familiar faces from back when my daughter was participating in track & field. Mason County has come a LONG WAY in terms of facilities. Had a broken-down 300-meter outdoor track until this week; couldn't physically host a HS meet. Now this facility plus the indoor venue across the street.


Good to get the little bugs worked out this week with Area 7 and Regionals later on.

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