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39th District Draw Tounry at Bracken Cty

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Augusta V/S St. Patrick

Mason V/S Bracken



Girls and Boys i will post times and dates later.


Lets hear it people.


St. Pat over Augusta(Yes I remember Augusta beating Bracken County)


Mason over Bracken County


Mason County 39th District Champions, That's my prediction.

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i have to think that hammonds will have a better chance with hall in the lineup and some time to ponder on his game plan...but he seems a little on edge this season with maybe his least talented team since taking over

mason 64 bracken 50


augusta shoots the lights out in the ice palace for some reason and josh white has been playing some of the best ball i've seen from a point guard this year...he will control this game as he has recently

augusta 56 st pat 52



who is the host of the tourney?...augusta or bracken???

i know this is the first year of the new district so shouldn't augusta be the host...i hope so...they're announcer is the best i've heard

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