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Everyone Please Vote: Treyveon Percell(X)


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At the beginning of the week Treyveon Percell's(X) highlight film will be featured in a head to head battle on webletes.com If he wins, he will be granted free admission to an upcoming combine they will be hosting. Everyone please go vote at the beginning of the week. Thanks and also you can vote as many times as you like.


"Congratulations, we would like to feature you in our Battle of the Week next week! We will post your highlight video at the beginning of the week where people can vote. If you win you will be able to come to our Football Combine Camp in your area for Free!


Make sure you like our Facebook page and request us as a friend at "Webletes Combines"

What is your twitter handle so we can tag you in a tweet?

Make sure you get as many people to vote for you next week!

We will send you an email once your video is up on the website. You will be able to view it here HOME | Webletes


Good Luck,


Webletes Team"


HOME | Webletes

HOME | Webletes

Webletes was created to give High school / Junior college athletes a better chance of showcasing their talents and being recruited at the same time make the recruiting process more convenient for college coaches.

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