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Wild Finish in Scott County

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Last night in Georgetown, a wild finish took place between Scott County and Anderson County. In the top of the 9th with bases loaded and 2 outs with Anderson leading 2-1, Anderson hit a ground ball to the short stop who dropped the ball and was having a hard time retrieving it. The ss finally dove for second base while still trying to get a handle on the ball as the runner from first was sliding in to second base. The umpire immediately calls the runner out which would have ended the inning, however the coaches for AC were screaming for their players to keep running because the ss never got the ball. While diving for second the ball skipped away to the edge of the outfield grass. The umpire didn't notice it until the center fielder came in and picked up the ball to throw it home to try to get an AC runner. Upon seeing this the field umpire changes his call from out to safe. Amid the chaos and confusion the coaches from both schools came on to the field to get a ruling on the play while players from both schools were unsure if they were to go hit or play defense. The home plate umpire runs out to the field umpire to find out what his call is when the field umpire collapses to the ground. Trainers came out and the field umpire was taken out and appearantly taken to get medical care. He admitted he had a heart condition and people were fearing he was having a heart attack.


After all this the call fell on the home plate official who went with the orinal ruling of out. Scott County got two runs in the bottom of the 9th to win the game.


No word on the condition of the umpire at this time. Crazy/confusing finish to a game though.

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From the description, correct call is likely to give the runner from 1B 2B and kill the ball based on the "out" call from the ump who didn't see the ball trickle away. Bases loaded with 2 out and the score 3-1 AC with AC still batting.


You shouldn't jeopardize the defense by allowing the play to go on and any other runners to advance since the defense was correctly acting as if the game was over based on the umpire's call.


You also can't allow the OBVIOUSLY incorrect call of out to stand. If it was a judgment call of whether he was bobbling it and had possession when he touched the base, let the call stand and move to the bottom of the inning.


Hope Blue is OK.

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