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  1. Holland. Lol. Good luck. Anderson people say Burns to new school is pretty much lock.
  2. Tommy2tonsoffun If shekby coach leaves would shelby go after Burns. No doubt he would take that.
  3. Haha, you 2 arguing is sweet. Shelby is down, Startig guard kid is no longer on team. Collins will have no issues. Burns looking hard for another job is what the talk in Anderson is.
  4. Several coaches names from the 8th region and a couple from the 11th region are being thrown around in gossip circles. Tony Wise, Chris Gaither, Bryan Hyatt, Jason Holland, Mike Allen. Hearing there could be an opening in 8th region boys basketball where Holland wouldn't even have to switch schools though.
  5. "The team was the District Winner and lost in the regional championship game. I wonder why your friend thought that was funny?? " Dude, Bearsrule, he is from shelby, and they don't celebrate district titles, that's why. I would not want to be on Spencer team if they win region, you would be invited back to every home game for the next 14 years to celebrate and it would be exhausting. Cardsrule, I am a fan of Spencer and yours. I think it is great Spencer is coming along, great coach, and a heck of an 8th grader. Let's be pals and root against Oldham!! TwoTon-Thomas, any truth to rumor shelby may be open again?
  6. Win or lose, Spencer is walking out of this region with my vote for Moral Champion of the year!!!! I love the 8th grader from Shelby at Spencer, complete stud, I don't know of any other good 8th graders for spencer, but if they are dressing varsity must be good!! Anderson will win first round of district by double digits. As well as some of you believe Spencer's is, when Penny decides it is time, well..... it will be fine, and dropping 40 will be easily done. Watch out for Shelby against Collins, I have seen crazier upsets, last game they played it took a 3 from the corner to send it to OT for collins, yes they have there players back now, but could that be a chemistry issue?? Either way guys, should be great regional at Henry. Congrats to the Griffin kid, UL watching him is awesome, well deserved. One last deal, is it true that Spencer Celebrated a past district winner at game the other night, I had a friend there from shekby and they thought that was funny.
  7. What rumors? If so, you need to realize this is just a discussion board. The rumor in anderson is neither live in Spencer, but it's no big deal, if legal than go for it, but let's slow down on acting like Spencer home grew them!! Did edwards or Drano play tonight? Good win for Spencer. Your beloved Bears will get a rematch with my Bearcats and this time we won't be overlooking the Moral Victory Champions of the world!!!
  8. Someone post shelby-oak hill score. I heard Edwards and Drano not even playing. Has to be Spencer by 50. How many does Jerry stackhouse have
  9. Claim? I am not sure, but does he not live in shekby? Heck I heard the other 8th grader does not live there either. Imagine that, Oak Hill academy of Ky and still can't get out of district.
  10. when the 8th graders are soph, Spencer will have a shot. Until then, I do not think Spencer has a chance to win the region. In fact I doubt they make out of district next 2 years. Spencer's coach is great and he is doing so much with that team, but once Penny wants to play for anderson and it is in District tourney Anderson will be ready. This is the most I have ever heard about Spencer county in 59 years I have been here, and the bad thing is there best player is a Shelby County kid, so let's slow down a bit on the greatness of SPENCER, he moved schools once, not so sure he don't again ????
  11. I think with the coaching now days there are always going to be transfers. I believe who the coach is, the schedule the team plays, aau affiliation (more louisville) all has to do with it. The days of staying together I believe are gone. I also think Collins will continue to get transfers primarily because of Simpsonville growing like it is, families will move there.
  12. Ok, response Spencer played Collins without all of collins players, Cardsrule you are definetly #1 fan of Spencer and in 3 years will be great, but the moral wins you give them are enough to hand them the Moral State Championship, and that is fine, we will go with it. Warrior. The year collins won it They only lost one region game all year, so an upset?? Yes the split has hurt shelby, imagine some of these other schools splitting, it would kill them also. Collins has still been in the thick every year. Only one of the kids from Chicago, Terez, played much. Test is not playing college Bball. Also, those 3 of 4 lost are all 4 D1 players, none gained are close to D1
  13. Spencer County is to young. They have potential to be great. But they are not beating Oldham, South, Collins. One of these 3 are not even going to region, Spencer, Collins, Anderson.
  14. "Basketball in general not as good" compared to where in the 8th region?? Lol, who are you comparing them to, I want to hear this, I know the middle school scene and calling shelby out for not having talent in general is a huge assumption, would like to know how you can back that up? What county are you comparing them to??
  15. Miles Rice, Darryl Hicks???? You like tobmention transfers in, what about guys who left. If those 2 stay, they win state title. Smith and Cochran are both good move ins, but smith had hard time scoring in gym by himself and Cochran is good, but if you had a team of Mcnight, Feltner, fort, Dominique, Eades, you are still top 3 in region. By the way, TJ Robinson at Shelby was at collins and transferred over to a in county move.
  16. I'm not ready to say that Spencer is a really good team. Name some big wins. Thansn
  17. Iceman, with all do respect. Shelby best Johnson Central, so that means they are not good. Saying Perriville is #1 in the 14th means as much as saying Eminece is #1 in Henry County, who cares. I will give them the win over Valley, but they came In the season as the favorite in 8th and bragging on a win vs The Valley is not great, bring Ballard, Male, Trinity to the equation and then we can talk. Other than Valley, have they beat anyone worth a darn? Now, they can beat anyone, I agree, Penny could go for 50, or just as easily 5, but they are not on collins level. Good news for them they get to play Collins JV team Friday and see how well they are playing. Donuts and Henry's. Bye
  18. When Collins is healthy, and they are far from it, they are hands down the best team in region. However, like stated, they are not healthy and I am hearing Turner was out again last night and probably Friday as well. Spencer is solid, have some great young talent, but I have to agree, if they beat you at home, your not that good. Anderson is still very capable of winning out, but there schedule is terrible and it is tought to get better when you are playing Model, and Bath out of region. Man up anderson. Anderson and collins will find a way to get out of district, Spencer is still 2 years away from a banner hanging region appearance, and they better start recruiting a big or region tournament visitor will be the best they can do.
  19. Why would that matter Tommy 2 ton? Anderson only has one win vs a team with winning record and they lost at home to Perriville and Oldham? Anderson came in as a heavy favorite in 8th and has really gone backwards. You kind of could see the issues with the kids getting ejected st end of season and some other stuff going on but I never expected them to fall to this level. Then again when your schedule is Model, Lewis and a nice warm Bath Co, you can't expect progression.
  20. Had to start a new thread, my SO peeps mad that the 71-65 collins score keeps popping up. Sorry. 8th top 5 1. Collins 2. Oldham 3. Anderson 4. South 5-13 the same
  21. Boom!!! Spin Doc bring facts!! Holding for response from Spencerrules1972
  22. I think every team should have a CardsRuler1970. He is a die hard fan and I appreciate it. He is either on Spencer county or a parent of 1, or the most loyal alumni they ever had. Either way, he loves some Spencer.
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