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  1. Highlands is taking state because Uncle Rico finally built that time machine and will be suiting up for the Birds this postseason.
  2. Isn't Urban pretty well known for recruiting criminals?
  3. Multiple times this year Coach Stoops has had to address whether there is a QB controversy at UK (whether he will stick with Towles or make a change to Barker). Up until the MSU game Stoops has stuck with Towles. It seems that Coach Stoops has really opened up the matter of a potential QB controversy now that he actually made a QB change in a game, and I figured that in order for him to "pull the trigger" and make this change there must be a very good reason for doing so. It's hard for me to believe that he opened himself and the program up to the question of a QB controversy in order to give a player some game experience in preparation for starting 1-2 years from now (ie, the JV argument). But, perhaps he did...
  4. I will write one more comment and then leave the basketball forum (per your request): The varsity football team currently sits at 4-5 and has been on the unlucky side of the mercy rule in multiple games this year. No one is talking about the current squad being a viable contender for making it to the state title game (let alone winning it), which is quite a departure from the norm for a program that has won 7 of the last 8 state titles and gone to the last 8 championship games. This year's team is also at risk of finishing 2015 with a non-winning record, which has not happened at HHS since the 1950s. I have been told that the main reason for the team's dip in success this year is a decrease in talent on the team. I have heard from several sources in Fort Thomas that the team's prospects next year will be similar to how things have gone this year. So, as someone who is a big fan of Highlands football, when I hear that there will be more Highlands athletes in the near future who choose not to play football (and focus on other sports) than there has been in the recent past, it concerns me. And with that, I will shut up and leave this thread to the basketball fans.
  5. The extent of my football playing was backyard with school buddies back when I was a teenager, so I have very little context to understand why UK decided to make a QB change in the game.
  6. Please educate me. Why did the coaching staff pull Towles in the game? What purpose did it serve? Was it to protect Towles from suffering an injury late in a game that was no longer in doubt? Was it to give the coaching staff the opportunity to see how Barker would perform in a real game, in order to help determine who the starting QB should be going forward in the season? If Barker would have come out and played outstanding would he have played his way into the starting lineup next week, or is the starting spot Towles' no matter what at this point? What was the reasoning behind the benching?
  7. HHS is not a very big school. In recent years HHS has been getting 1 out of every 3-4 boys to play football. By doing that they were ensuring that the best athletes in the school were playing football and also ensuring that they had the numbers to do things like platoon and develop depth. If over the course of the next few years the football program is drawing something like 1 out of every 6-7 boys it is hard to believe this will not have a negative impact on the program, unless HHS experiences a huge numbers increase as a school. If you guys think otherwise, please explain to me how this would not have a negative impact on the football program.
  8. Highlands participates in academic competitions, like quick recall. If the best academic students at HHS decide not to participate in these competitions for whatever reason, how do you think the HHS quick recall team will fare? These kids are not interchangeable parts, there are some who are just smarter and/or more knowledgeable than others, and if those kids are sitting out quick recall the quick recall team's success is going to be impacted. Similarly, if some of the best athletes walking the halls at HHS are not playing football for whatever reason, it is going to impact the quality of the football program. I had initially responded to a post where someone had written that there are a group of middle school athletes who are not playing football. In recent years, HHS has been successful in getting this "demographic" (the athletically talented kids) to play football. My point is that if this changes (if some of these kids decide to forego football and play something else) it will impact the quality of the football program. If you don't have the jimmies and the joes it is going to be hard to be successful.
  9. Well, last year showed that FSU was a fraud. They were given their ranking based upon what had happened the previous year and the fact that they had success against a weak schedule/conference. A few years ago Notre Dame was exposed as a fraud in the national title game.
  10. So, all you guys thought that 3rd place ranking was justified, huh?
  11. I think you missed my point. My issue is not with kids playing multiple sports. My concern is if some of the best athletes at HHS are not playing football, it will have a negative impact on the football program. It would be akin to the top academic students at HHS not participating in academic competitions like quick recall. If the best jimmies and joes are not participating (whether it's in football or academic competitions) it is going to impact the quality of the program. HHS is not big enough male student wise to be able to afford having some of its best athletes forego football and still expect to be one of the top 2 programs in the entire state. Now, if you are OK with the football program sliding, becoming one of the top 20 programs in the state instead of one of the top 2 (which is what they have been), so that the other HHS sports can climb the ladder of success, then by all means have the kids focus on other sports and forego football...
  12. Wow... I stand corrected then. I remember watching that game and did not recall his being benched. Heck... If Brady can get benched then I guess any QB can.
  13. So, I am confused. You are saying that in the coming years at HHS there will be less boys going out for football than in previous years (in order to play basketball or other sports), but it won't have a negative impact on the football program's success? Towles was what, 6'5" in high school. I for one am thankful he chose to play football and not focus on another sport like basketball. We would probably have 1 or 2 fewer state titles and 1 fewer Mr. Kentucky Football recipient if he did.
  14. I get what you are saying, but do you think Highlands football can really afford having some of the best athletic talent in the school not playing football and expect to compete for state football titles, at least in the next couple of years?
  15. Bad analogy. Its apples to oranges comparing pitchers to QBs.
  16. Do you think that's why he was benched? To protect him from hits late in a game? I am a Towles guy way more than I am a UK guy (heck, I wish he'd picked a different school to attend). But, it is hard to walk away from the MSU game with the notion that Stoops has full confidence in Towles, given that he benched him in the game. When New England got pounded by Kansas City last season I don't recall Brady getting benched...
  17. USC just proved what 98% of the country thought all along about Utah... frauds.
  18. UK will have a hard time scoring many points against the Vols. Is Stoops done with Towles? Rarely does a coach bench a QB he has faith in, even in blowout losses...
  19. Why was this game on Saturday night? Congrats to Cooper.
  20. That last sentence you wrote scares me. Highlands needs its best male athletes playing football...
  21. Rutgers has not played a meaningful football game since 1869. Just sayin...
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