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  1. Thanks for the info! It will be very interesting to see how it is decided where the county students will go, especially those who are a little more skilled at shooting a basketball or toting the rock...
  2. I have a question about Scott County. When they divide the high school in two in the next few years what football class will the resulting schools likely play in?
  3. Here is a question for those suggesting a QB change is in order... if the UK coaching staff had the entire offseason/summer to evaluate the QB situation and decided to go with Towles, then why would any reasonable person think that the back-up will produce better results than the starter? If Towles is benched and the back up comes in and ends up playing demonstrably better, then the entire UK coaching staff should probably be fired for gross incompetence in evaluating the most important position in all of American sports (the QB position).
  4. For some years to come, eh? The HHS freshman and JVs teams are doing very well this year. I would be shocked if HHS is relegated to being a program that is "lucky" to be a .500 team in a state that is generally mediocre when it comes to overall high school football prowess "for years to come." Also, this time last year (after close calls to Campbell County and Bryan Station) I was told privately by multiple BGPers who claim to be close to the program that the wheels had fallen off the Highlands football wagon and Highlands' days of winning state were over for awhile. What did HHS do? They went undefeated against KY competition and captured the Class 4A state title. So, you will pardon me if I view with skepticism any claims that Highlands is done when it comes to football.
  5. But what if CCH beats HHS in a close game in the playoffs and then gets running clocked by Pulaski County the following week... would such a scenario appease the PHM?
  6. I realize that a whole lot can change between now and playoff time, but I am starting to have a feeling that this year's Highlands-CovCath game may end up being of little consequence in determining the state football champion in their class. It has been a long time (2005) since neither HHS nor CCH has been in a state title game... Again, it is a long time between now and November, so who knows how good HHS and CCH will be come playoff time?
  7. Over the past several years HHS has been a pass-oriented team, no? It seemed that in last week's game against CCHS HHS mainly ran the ball. Is that not evidence of the coaching staff making changes from what has been done at HHS recently?
  8. Was there a running clock in this game? Congrats to Scott County, and keep your heads up 'Birds!!!
  9. Any word on the final score of this JV game played today?
  10. It would be my humble advice that any Highlands fans on this site who feel the need to voice their opinions about which kid should or should not be playing, or who should be playing better, or who should be coaching better kindly shut the hell up. If this proves impossible to do, then may I suggest enlisting the services of a good psychiatrist... they are doing amazing things with psychotropic medications these days. Best of luck to both Highlands and Cooper the rest of the way! Go 'Birds!
  11. Anybody know the final score of the JV game today?
  12. How does Cooper compare with Campbell County, which is HHS' next opponent?
  13. Any word on the results of the Highlands-Cooper JV game and the Highlands-Trinity frosh game played this morning?
  14. It's tough to take one on the chin like this, but hopefully it will be a good wake up call for the 'Birds. I love the Bluebirds, win or lose! Congrats to Cooper on what is without question the greatest win in their program's history.
  15. Is this Highlands' biggest loss to a KY team since the Louisville St X game in 2005.
  16. Well, it's going to be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out for HHS. Hang in there, guys!
  17. No, I'm talking about the 2001 season, when HHS lost at HC. It was a 2 year home and home, and the following year (2002) HC also beat HHS. The year I am talking about is the year Kyle James was QB for HHS. I remember it well because I went to the game in Lexington.
  18. For the sound of it, this game has a similar feel to the opening game of the 2001 season, when HHS, coming off an amazing run of multiple state titles and dominant players and ranked first in their class at the start of the season, got beat pretty handily by Henry Clay.
  19. I do wonder though, if he is successful it may be hard for CCH to keep him from moving on to bigger opportunities in the future. He's not a product of the school or CCH community.
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