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  1. Hey, is this the correct list of the current Highlands football coaches? Head Coach: Mr. Brian Weinrich Assistant Coaches: Mr. Nick Behymer - Linebackers Coach Mr. Dan Court - Freshman Assistant Coach Mr. Zach Deaton - Wide Receivers Coach Mr. Jim Dierig - Freshman Assistant Coach Mr. Mark Dill - Defensive Line Coach Mr. Brady Dowling - Freshman Head Coach Mr. Wayne Hall - Offensive Line Coach Mr. Shelby Jones - Defensive Coordinator Mr. Ryan Leopold - Defensive Backs Coach Mr. Jason Lynch - Running Backs Coach Mr. Matt Reed - Freshman Assistant Coach Mr. Scott Turner - Offensive Line Coach Mr. Michael Waite - All-Purpose Assistant Coach Mr. Ron Welch - All-Purpose Assistant Coach Please let me know if any names need to be added or removed, or if what position(s) they coach are different than what I have listed. Thanks!
  2. Well, last year HHS played against Trinity before the X game, and X did not get to play a scrimmage before they played HHS. Highlands got thumped by Trinity and then played well enough to "beat" X the following week. Could it be that HHS has a penchant for improving a lot from the first scrimmage to the second scrimmage/game every year, and that is what we will see this year?
  3. What was the final score for the HHS St X varsity scrimmage?
  4. Thanks so much! Also, I got your PM AllenR... anything you can do to help out would me much appreciated!
  5. Does anyone have the Highlands frosh schedule? Also, does someone have a copy of the 2015 Highlands football roster in an attachment form that can be emailed to me? If so, just let me know (I will be uploading the HHS varsity, JV and frosh schedules as well as the roster to Highlands-Bluebirds.com this week, and it would be VERY helpful if someone has the roster in an attachment that can be emailed to me). Please PM me for my email address (PS it's the one listed on the "contact" page of Highlands-Bluebirds.com).
  6. Could someone post or PM me the Highlands 2015 JV and frosh schedules? Also, if someone has a copy of Highlands' 2015 football roster, could you please email it as an attachment to the email address associated with my Highlands-Bluebirds.com website, highlands_birds@yahoo.com? Thanks!
  7. If Brady plays its a sure loss for the Steelers, especially with Bell out. Whether Brady plays could mean the difference between the Steelers making the playoffs or staying home. FWIW, I think it's almost a guarantee Brady plays... If the NFL doesN't reverse the suspension he'll take it to federal court and get it overturned there.
  8. I wish they'd dump Vitale... Talk about dead weight.
  9. ESPN wrote that Duke still has the top recruiting class???
  10. We're talking about a stuffed animal, right?
  11. If he signs to play with UK this year, would that catapult UK back to number 1 in the recruiting rankings?
  12. Could someone post the names of the graduating Highlands seniors are going to be playing college football this year?
  13. I understand that Dale Mueller is set to retire from Highlands/Fort Thomas at the end of this school year. Any word on what Dale Mueller's plans are in retirement? I had heard that he was going to be doing some public speaking gigs, or something to that effect.
  14. Any word on where that Seton Hall transfer will go?
  15. Does anybody think that when the time comes for Cal to move on, Donovan will be the Cats' next coach?
  16. Also, now that Coach K and Duke appear to be "all in" on recruiting and signing the one and dones, will we start to see Duke supplant Coach Cal/UK as the program that consistently lands the nation's top recruiting class each year (just like it has been for last year and this year)?
  17. Any chance UK gets the guy who was planning to go to NC State? Is there any indication of where the guy who is transferring from Seton Hall will land? Would UK be interested? I understand he will be immediately eligible to play.
  18. During his tenure as head coach at UL (I think it was around 2005), I have heard Rick Pitino say in a television interview that he wishes he had never left UK. I believe he made a reference to UK being his "dream job," or something to that effect. When I had heard him say this, I thought that the UL fans probably didn't think too much of his comments.
  19. Where the hell did you say he's going? What's Transy?
  20. I had heard from someone a couple of months ago that there was a chance of spring ball being held somewhere else, but I guess that didn't happen. If HHS didn't have spring ball this year, then why have it any year? Surely it must count for something...
  21. So, did Highlands end up having spring football this year? I never heard anything definitive about it.
  22. It is the championships that matter, since that is why the NCAA does not stop once the Final Four teams are determined. From 2005 through 2015 Duke has won 2 NCAA titles, and UNC has won 2 NCAA titles, compared to UK's 1 title and UL's 1 title... that's twice as many titles won by NC schools than KY schools over that period of time. Also, is there any doubt what the nation's top basketball rivalry is? The reason I had referred to the UK-Calipari era in my original post is because I feel a belief has developed that UK has been the dominant program in men's basketball since Calipari arrived. And yet, Duke has won 2 national titles during Calipari's time at UK.
  23. The only thing I can say about what happened after UK's game is that Harrison's comments showed how classless an individual he is, and frankly I think it is a shame that Calipari and/or the UK Athletics program have not addressed his behavior in a public manner (and perhaps they have, and I just didn't see it). I am a UK alumnus and his behavior embarrassed me. I don't particularly care whether what he said was intended as a racial slur... he certainly meant it as a derogatory comment directed toward an opposing player.
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