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  1. Good luck to Highlands this Friday, and I wish both squads an injury-free game. I would love to see both HHS and SK go on to have very successful postseasons this year. Go 'Birds!
  2. If you are a parent and in the process of deciding which school to send your child, and you decide against Highlands - academically the top public high school in NKY (and arguably the top high school in NKY regardless of public/private status) - because the football team begins a season 1-4 after winning 7 of the last 8 state titles, then you are an idiot...
  3. And that is why I said "current state" of the two religions in my original post. If one makes a dispassionate assessment of the current state of these two world religions, I think a reasonable conclusion to be drawn from such an assessment is that there exists a marked difference in the role of violence in Islam and Christianity.
  4. I will add that it shows the stark difference between the "extremes" of Christianity and Islam... one extreme won't sign a piece of paper and the other extreme beheads and throws homosexuals off buildings, which in my opinion says something about the current state of both religions.
  5. This sport is going to be dead in 25 years. Just wait until all the data comes in from the massive amount of research that is now underway looking at the effects of football on cognition. No mom is gonna allow their kid within 100 feet of a football field.
  6. How old is he? Will this end his playing career?
  7. So, you guys don't think there is a chance the SEC gets locked out? Will it be the ACC then?
  8. Well, everyone feel free to include Grant County in the discussion (although I doubt many BGP'ers have watched GC play much this year).
  9. From the way things are shaping up thus far, I think it's a lock that a Big 10 team and a Big 12 team will make it to the 4-team playoff this year. Also, I think the odds are very, very good that a Pac 12 team will make it. That would leave 1 open spot, between the SEC and ACC. If Florida State (with transfer QB Golson) does well against a pretty favorable schedule, could the SEC find itself on the outside looking in come January 1? On a partially related note, if both OSU and MSU go undefeated heading into their game and the home team wins by a narrow margin, would it be possible for the playoff committee to select both OSU and MSU, thereby leaving 2 power conferences out?
  10. It seems the pickings are pretty slim this year, no?
  11. Is CovCath's style of play similar to last year, or is it very different? I know they have a new coaching staff, and I didn't know if a lot of things were overhauled. Also, I suspect (given their performance in recent years) that there are some very good athletes on CCH's basketball team. Are any of the CCH basketball studs playing varsity football this year?
  12. Which is the better format: determining playoff eligibility and seeding based solely on district play, or taking into account the entire regular season?
  13. I think most people probably think that the district championship will be decided between Highlands, CovCath and Dixie this year (no offense to Grant County). For those who have watched these teams play this year, how do these 3 teams look to match up with each other when district play commences? Right now, is there much separation between these 3 teams?
  14. This may have already been addressed, but when was the last time Trinity lost a varsity football game by this wide of a margin? I know nothing about Male or Trinity this year, but if I had to bet on who would win a postseason rematch between these two teams and my life was riding on it, I would bet on Trinity without blinking (no offense to Male, or any other team in KY).
  15. Congrats to Ryle on the win and on a great start to the season. As for Highlands, hang in there and stay focused on making improvements as the season progresses. One of the great things about KY high school football is that the non-district games ultimately have little to no bearing on the postseason. My hope is that the team will get some things worked out and head into the postseason with a 3-0 district record and a number-1 seed. One last comment: I haven't read these threads closely enough to know whether it's HHS fans or fans of other NKY teams who are stirring the pot, but my advice to ALL Highlands fans on this site is to support the Birds, congratulate their opponents when they beat HHS, and don't take the bait and respond to any comments posted on this site talking about Highlands being a bad team, being over hyped, having no/little talent or being eclipsed by supposedly better football programs in NKY. Highlands is the second winningest program in the nation, has numerous state titles and a tradition of greatness spanning 100 years. It is beneath the dignity of the program to resort to squabbling during times when the team is working to find its groove.
  16. He didn't bench QBs, his first and second string QBs got injured.
  17. Well, I'd say that if it took exactly 1 half of a football game for these coaching staffs to realize that the work they had put in evaluating their players over the course of the past 8-9 months produced the wrong result (ie, they picked the wrong guy), then I would have real concerns about the quality of the staffs in evaluating their players. They made a change after seeing 30 minutes of football action...
  18. So, you're telling me that for the past 8 years when Highlands was annually making it to state title games Highlands fans were not focusing on the season at hand, but rather looking back to previous seasons/eras???
  19. Where is Beau Hoge on the depth chart? Is he red shirting?
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