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  1. So what should they have finished this season? State Champs? It was clearly evident in watching them play they didn’t have the overall talent like the HHS of years past. Pretty obvious to an objective observer. I will add, if they had such a high level of talent there wouldn’t have been two losses to Conner. They looked to be pretty evenly matched with Conner this year. I’m sure HHS will have much better years in the future as talents fluctuates, but to act like this was a state champ level team, or even close to that is delusional.
  2. This. And it isn’t a knock on those kids. You still have to be a really good player to play FCS. But let’s not pretend is the same as FBS D1.
  3. I would assume losing to a rival would always, and should bother, a team whether it’s CCH or HHS. My guess would be the losing to Conner twice this year is really tough to swallow more so than losing to CCH.
  4. I’m sure some of those kids would make a difference. But neither are the big time D1 guys that Dale used to have just about every year. I’m not against questioning the current coach given the struggles the program has had. However, without the types of players Dale used to have, you wont see the same results. I played against some of Dales teams, the last few years the HHS teams haven’t had near that level of talent. You’re just not going to have that level of talent year in and year out in NKY, no matter the school.
  5. Surprised no comments on this. To me this is THE biggest reason for the decline at Highlands, they just don’t have the same level of talent that they did during Dale’s run.
  6. Got it. And I Agree, I’m sure many coaches in the area would be highly interested
  7. Which coach was from Voldosta? Honestly wasn’t aware they pulled in a HC from down there.
  8. It very may well be time for a change in the near term, and yes Highlands has a strong football history. But to say that coaches from around the country would be lining up for the job is laughable.
  9. I don’t think the “facts” have been discussed, outside of saying the record has dropped off since Dale. Is it not possible that it’s just a decline in talent at HHS, coinciding with an increase at other schools? What facts are being ignored? It’s still been very vague and brushed off as no one outside of HHS could possibly understand.
  10. It would be damn near impossible for someone to leave the program better off compared to Dale. What are the grave sins that BW has committed to disrespect the program that you speak of? Honestly curious on this. I’m someone who grew up playing against Highlands and have a son who currently plays against them in addition to one who graduated a couple years ago; from my perspective highlands doesn’t have close to the same level of talent commonplace in past years. THIS is the main issue with the recent struggles of the program.
  11. DL will also return JR to be Trevor Wilson. Started two games at DE when Lawrie was injured and played by far the most this season of any Sophomore for CCH while games were still competitive before running clock time. 8 sacks this past season.
  12. Don’t know much about JC and Boyle offense lines, however, FD has probably has the top two individual o lineman in the state with Parks and Burton, and the others weren’t slouches either. The FD O line was much stronger than CCH saw with LaSalle, but didn’t have the same level of rb’s.
  13. I don’t put much into a pre season scrimmage for any team, not just the one between FD and T. I’m sure they both improved from the start of the season. My main point there was that CCH greatly improved from start of season with having mostly new starters on both sides of the ball. I also think it’s tough to compare common opponents, each game plays out differently. I mean T was roughed up pretty good by Cathedral out of Indy, while I believe a couple of the GCL schools beat them, I don’t take this to mean CCH is better than Cathedral. My primary point is that while CCH or most other schools couldn’t hang with T or M most years, I believe this year is the exception. But it’s all just a fun debate at this point.
  14. I think trying to take anything away from a preseason scrimmage is crazy. Most teams improve greatly over the course of a season, especially those teams who a well coached and are breaking in new starters. This year, CCH could play with and likely win over T or Male, though this is definitely not the norm. I doubt any KY team had as much D1 talent this year as LaSalle, who Covcath thoroughly beat.
  15. I believe you’re correct on this. Collins was a huge underdog and won on a end of game TD pass. Not sure if it was by back up QB or not.
  16. Covcath has some sophomores that can develop into those types of players, though not likely to be a Mayer type. They the sophomores were very good as 8th graders winning the GCYL championship and had a very good freshman season last year as well.
  17. Toss up between CCH, Boyle, Male, and Trinity. Most years Trinity would be the easy choice, not this year though.
  18. Covcath is a much different team now than back in early September, however it is possible that they play down to that level again. However, if we’re to pick one game as a measuring stick, one could also look to the 27-7 win over LaSalle, who is arguably better than Trinity or St. X. this year, and say Covcath should win this game easily. I personally thinks really is somewhat in the middle. Covcath wins but not in running clock fashion, likely by 2-3 scores.
  19. I was standing in the end zone near the play and didn’t hear any whistle. Just a really bad call in my opinion. The QB was clearly standing nearly straight up when the ball was knocked out, however they ruled him down before the fumble. Not sure how they missed it, glad it didn’t end up impacting the outcome of the game.
  20. To say CCH has been overrated all season is the definition of hyperbole. They’ve not lost a regular season game in the last 3 years, including this season, with a dominant win over the GCL South champ. It’s the best win of any team in KY this year across all classes.
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