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  1. When the kid's training begins at Cov Cath and no other Schools would think of it. The thought is a long term season. Pitzer is a concussion away from never playing again, sad to say. The freshman was fire vs Elder and issues with Zacc are present. I do like Zacc alone, by himself. As a kid and player he is a solid QB. Benke is a return possibility at WR from what I have heard.
  2. You sound like a bashing parent who thinks they know all while bashing the coaches ..
  3. Didn't read any feed back. The start of B's passing was heartbreaking and E was directly affected. He has 70% family in this area and a lot of dumb parents that sit in the stands on Cov Cath's side yelling horrible things at him or his coaching staff. So yeah why not?
  4. So we are all in a state of what happens if E leaves? It is possible. Watching the freshman QB and Zacc Roberts throw the ball will be something to look at. I've seen both. Seniors like Peyton Dietz, Wilson, Collins and Hummel are not only outstanding kids, but awesome players.
  5. Clearly need a better QB. Pass attempts make it easy to defend.
  6. Isn't the coach of Woodford the guy who took the job at highlands on Friday then quit Monday?
  7. Highlands: New coach for local school was 23 and 20 his last 4 years and 5-6 in 2020. He was on his way out..(Posted in July) Just want to clear some things up. Current QB is not even close to Caleb. Caleb has an unmatched work ethic in the off season and current has none. Direct snap and run... Play Zion at QB and get more TD's? Bottom line is I've seen and spent a lot of time watching offseason workouts with Caleb to know he's FAR better. Prayers to Brian, Jenn, Eddie, Maylia(Sorry if spelling is wrong) Rhonda and all the kids. If public knew how much he met to them maybe
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