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  1. Prep baseball report caters heavily all areas of KY except NKY, so not surprised by it taking a little longer to pick up on NKY teams. It goes back to their business being focused on running showcases and tournaments in the summer which typically don’t draw much from NKY, as teams in NKY typically gravitate towards summer tournaments across the river or elsewhere.
  2. Not blaming any kid for wanting to try, never said that. However, go to any of the football recruiting sites and look at the huge number of kids getting offers after their soph and junior seasons, it’s really common. It’s actually more un likely for someone to earn their first offer to an FBS school during/after their senior season, but obviously still does at times, especially for MAC and similar type schools. I hope it works out for any kid who comes back for a 5th year, just think most of the 2021 class would have already had offers after soph/junior seasons if they were at the FBS level.
  3. I hope you’re right and he gets some offers if he chooses to come back. But again, many schools start offering kids after sophomore and junior year, which was not impacted by COVID at all. Many kids do receive D1 offers just based off of film as well, as camps have just now started back up. He is obviously really talented, however, its really hard to get a D1 football offer, I believe the number is roughly 1% of high school football players.
  4. There was for football as well, without a doubt, just more for basketball. He’s got great size obviously, so I’m sure would be a welcome addition to the team.
  5. He was definitely billed as a primary basketball player when coming to CCH. I remember seeing class of 2023 hoops prospect rankings back then and him being a top 50 national prospect, don’t know if that is still the case. Last time he played football was 8th grade I believe.
  6. I’m sort of torn on this. It would be great if he came back and earned a D1 offer for himself, and obviously well worth it. On the other hand, he was a 3 year starter for three full seasons with extended playoff runs in each. That’s at least 40+ games of tape colleges watched and decided not to offer. At this point, would colleges think, you are who you are as a player? Hope the best for him either way.
  7. Nothing wrong with him at all. He was up jumping up and down celebrating after being on the floor for a minute, per several at the game, so should be good to go for next game. Maybe a cramp??
  8. Really egregious missed fall call on CCH last shot.... Defender literally just ran through the shooter. Outside of Ipsaro, CCH played terribly so no one to blame but themselves. Congrats to SH. Their big guy was really good.
  9. Another CCH player picks up a D1 offer. Trevor Wilson picked up an offer from Middle TN State Univ. Congrats to both Aiden and Trevor!
  10. Look, I think HHS will be better next season, I hope they are better, just my opinion that jumping to 9-1 next year seems unrealistic, but have at it!. Just not sure where this idea that there is no longer any talent gap came from..... what would lead someone to believe that? HHS 5-6 record last year? The 42-0 loss at CCH last Oct? The 17 point playoff loss to CCH? The blowout loss to Cooper last season? I'm sure the talent level will even out at some point, but to say it's already happened is nuts.
  11. Good to see the HHS faithful with such reasonable expectations for the new coach’s first season.
  12. Rooting for Cam to succeed at Akron. After watching him a couple times this year I could honestly see him excel more quickly as a receiver, possibly in the slot. He seemed to give teams much more trouble with his legs than throwing the ball.
  13. Speed is great, we had plenty last year at the WR spot, just didn’t get the ball them/ catch it consistently. The RB spot is another story, though we did have injuries there this past season that was a factor. And I think Zion will be a big lift on the outside next year. If the Rodriquez kid has that level of speed I’m sure he’ll play some wr, I’ve heard good things about him. But the TE in addition to catching passes actually blocks more often, going up against DL and LB’s. I think earlier in this or another thread someone said the kid is 6’2” and 160lbs. Sullivan, Jones, and Wilson are all 6’2” or taller and all over 215lbs.
  14. I agree. And to be clear, my point isn’t to take anything away from the frosh class. With being close with parents of several Juniors to be, there was a lot of high hopes of this years several sophs starting and getting a lot of playing time... which led to some unhappy parents once they realized how tough it is to play significant minutes as a underclassmen at CCH. Obviously it can and does happen at times, as with Jones this year, but is by no means a given.
  15. Your saying the Rodriquez kid is going to start over the other 3 TE’s from last year that return? From reading some of these posts I think there is some highly unrealistic expectations that the many Soph’s to be will starting next year. That’s not to take away from anyone from this years Freshman team, but it’s a big jump, especially size wise.
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