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  1. No district banners, but I'll make sure to not take you at your word going forward. Had you said CCH won't likely make it far in the playoffs, like past the 3rd round or so, I would absolutely agree with you! Though I still don't know what makes Ryle at a different level, I mean they would have lost to Dixie had their kicker not skipped the game for a upcoming soccer match and lost to Lex Cath, same as CCH. They are a really good team, but it's not like they are world beaters.
  2. So the CCH team that won all of their district games isn't very good and will struggle to score against any of the same teams they just went 4-0 against in the district? Makes sense! It's clearly not the same CCH team as years past, but they did just win all their district games.
  3. To some extent, though I think another post covered it well that given the rivalry it may not be the best comparator. Additionally, that was by far the worst the CCH offense has looked all year, most of it self inflicted inability to execute, so I do think it is an aberration. The offense against most other games hasn't been dynamic by any stretch but has been been much better than that particular night. I also think back to the beginning of the year as well, CCH up by two TD's on Lex Cath only to blow it due to some special teams miscues and a fluke fumble as another comparison. Still, I
  4. Not sure what to think about this game. I think about comparing the Dixie scores for CCH and Ryle, 28-6 and 13-12, respectively, and think that CCH should be able to pull it out. However, the major offensive struggles in other games, such as against HHS, have me much less confident. In all honesty I don't think I would be surprised by any outcome, outside of a blow out either way.
  5. If Agee is going to play QB he has to throw some too, otherwise teams will just stack the box and make it very tough sledding for him.
  6. The offensive struggles are directly related to the QB challenges, and to a lesser extent a more dominant running back. Having Stava would have helped for sure, Though I think the guys we have in the backfield have done a pretty good job considering the lack of a passing threat. We have really good options to throw the ball downfield to, both TE’s, Zion, Agee, etc; we just haven’t been able to do it, or really even tried, very much this season.
  7. You can’t be serious. It was was only a half because of how bad the first half was, Eddie had to give up on throwing the ball and try Agee. I think he’ll be pretty good the next couple years but is clearly not ready now, he needs more development. He overthrew nearly every receiver in that first half by 5 yards plus. Holtz has never looked like that. Pitzer looked good against Boone…. But it was Boone. It may not matter anyway, Pitzer looked to have gotten his 2nd concussion Friday night of the season. I hope he recovers quickly but I wouldn’t put him out there again if we want to have a sho
  8. It was a good call. The kid came across, nose guard I believe, then the CCH snapper moved. I was sitting near the 30 on that side of the field.
  9. CCH has got to go back to Holtz at QB. I’ll take the bubble screens I like to complain about over what I saw tonight any day of the week. With a passing game CCH is a much better team….. just awful offense tonight. Both teams deserved the L tonight.
  10. I hope Pitzer continues to improve, however, if you look at the stats, his first game @ Cooper he had under 70 yards passing and an INT. Would have had same result with Holtz at QB. One could argue would have won the game without needing OT with Holtz in because he is a legit threat to run the ball. I commented to someone after the game that if Eddie wasn't going to throw the ball more why even make the switch? Next game for him was Boone, which was better for sure, but I don't put too much into it based on the oppenent. Of his 160 yards passing, 60 of them were on a badly thrown ball th
  11. CCH beat Dixie by 22. And CCH Lost to BHS by 20. Maybe just matchup issues in certain games but it is odd to compare.
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