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  1. No vaccine for this guy. I guess it's just me being a rugged individualist though... I've had MMR vaccines before. But I never get a flu vaccine and Covid wil be no different then the flu for me because I got the good type O blood.
  2. Hearing rumors that the entire football season is on the chopping block. So, I saw that 13 of the 14 B1G schools will have in person classes. But no football dispite testing protocols in place. Makes sense.
  3. Nay, college level athletes are pampered enough.
  4. Yeah, bone-in definitely adds flavor. My tastebuds have scientifically proven this to be fact. Next time you try a bone in steak, do a side by side with the meat from the edge of the steak and meat from right next to the bone. The flavor is different even though the meat is from the same steak.
  5. I forgot to mention that both friends recovered and are back to their normal daily routines.
  6. I only know of 2 people that have tested positive for it. Both are black males in their mid-30's. One of which is overweight and the other is the most in shape dude I know. Both said that they were around other people who had tested positive but were not showing/ feeling any signs or symptoms. One of my friends did say that 2 days after being tested that he did have a loss of smell and taste but other than that he wouldn't have known he had anything.
  7. T-bone lightly seasoned with some Weber Chicago seasoning, grilled on charcoal with a small amount of Apple wood smoke, and finished with a little butter.
  8. The few families that have decided to pull their children from private education are opting for home schooling rather then enrolling in the public school system.
  9. Sabastions on the West Side is my go to. http://www.sebastiansgyros.com/ They're across from Western Hills High School.
  10. When we go on vacation, we're at the beach from 9 until 5. Love the sand, waves, the "scenery"😎! If you're on vacation and you only go to the pool.... you're missing the "show"!
  11. I don't know if they had enough time to deploy more deadly weaponry.
  12. Group of cops just got run over by a SUV in Buffalo. Cops had nonlethal weapons and no real way to defend themselves. These are crazy times.
  13. A cluster randomised trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks in healthcare workers One of the very few studies on masks. Basically states that they are ineffective. I've done my research and I've drawn my own conclusion. I'll continue on as normal just like everyone has done for every pandemic in the history on mankind. Not real classy telling people how to live their lives.
  14. Went to Home Depot Saturday in Cold Spring. I'd say 33% masks to 66% no mask. Now if you'd like to get into correct mask wearing procedures, then that would take that percentage down to probably 80% non mask and 20% mask... and that probably on the generous side.
  15. A properly prepared chocolate chip cookie all day. A little chewie, maybe a little warm still. Execution matters, because otherwise I'd take a brownie.
  16. I seen that today. I used to work in Central Michigan way too much to go into detail about it. A lot of old infrastructure in that area. Also a lot of development along those waterways up there.
  17. River and Lake Levels - Licking River - Gauge FLMK2 This link updates river levels and forecasted river levels.
  18. I was looking at forecast models for river levels in Falmouth. As of right now, the models are expecting a crest of 43 feet. The models have been revised up twice since I looked last night. For reference, flood of 1997 the Licking River crested at 52 feet. This situation is worth keeping an eye on as it develops throughout the day.
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