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  1. So just to be clear. Are you saying Tennessee is keeping Covid death reports from the CDC? How can you say that in the same breath in which you praise Kentucky's death reporting, yet KY isn't testing at near the same rate as TN.
  2. Didn't know they made wings. This has to of been a recent development. How were they? I can vouch for those hotdogs, they are delicious.
  3. Their bread is maybe a little tough but not at all like Jimmy Johns as far as toughness. The other plus is that you actually get a decent portion of meat.
  4. I honestly want to say no that they wouldn't be arrested right away and that justice is blind and applied equally, but I can't honestly say that and believe it as well.
  5. To be fair, there was a 10 month old that got abused by her father on February 28th up here in Covington. They just made an arrest yesterday, I believe. Not trying to justify the delay of an arrest, just trying to add to the discussion. Seems as the wheels of justice are moving a little slow these days.
  6. As far as restaurants go, no one makes a better sandwich than Jersey Mike's. Next time your there get a #13 with everything on it. It's an Italian sandwich . The toppings include lettuce, tomatoes, onion, salt & pepper, oregano, oil & vinegar, banana peppers, jalapenos, mayo, and a red cherry pepper relish. The pepper relish is ot of this world and that sandwich never, ever disappoints!
  7. This looks pretty cut and dry. Hopefully justice will be served.
  8. There are two strains of Covid floating around, L and S. The S is believed to have hit the west coast while the L strain (which came from Italy and is believed to be more contagious) is what hit NYC area. So hopefully there isn't two waves coming at us. Three out of eight of my crewmembers fell ill with something similar to Covid in early January. It's why I said earlier that this thing has already made the rounds and possibly lends credence as to why Kentucky hasn't been hit as bad as other areas.
  9. Ate there once about 12 years ago. The Country Fried Steak was pretty good from what I remember.
  10. Hot ham and cheese. Not lunch meat ham, left over Christmas day ham. I sometimes look forward to that sandwich more than the Christmas dinner.
  11. Do everything that this guy says to do. Malcolm Reed is the man when it come to BBQ!
  12. Wife's old company (she is a stay at home mom now) just reduced everyone's salary down to $50k, will not be giving raises into next year, and stopped 401k contributions. At least they didn't lay anyone off yet. Also, I was working on one of our job sites yesterday. Contractors are building a structure to house equipment. I was talking to one of the younger contractors. He told me he couldn't wait until this job was done because they didn't have any work lined up after this. He said he'd get laid off and make more money on unemployment.
  13. A wet fart would have been more applicable.
  14. I wouldn't argue that they are 100% ineffective. Like G said, there is some protection. Probably more so against droplets, definitely not against viral aerosol particles though. I'd worry that they will provide some with a false sense of security. Also nearly all data/research on the use of masks deals with protecting the wearer. Very limited to nonexistent research out there over masks being effective for filtering exhaled air. I'd also say that I've appreciated your debate/conversation throughout this process. It's been healthy and has forced me to do far more digging and research on this topic then I otherwise would have done.
  15. I'd assume less since your exhalation wouldn't be providing a "suction" effect.
  16. Enlighten me... From what I've read, masks filter 2% of the air you inhale. (Again non N95)
  17. I don't know. I do know that the science does not support the blanket of safety that everyone thinks they will provide.
  18. Is everyone really this sold on the effectiveness of wearing a mask. If masks were so effective why is it that 11% of all Covid patients are healthcare workers. Surely they have access and would have been wearing such a mask. Coronavirus mask guidance is endangering US health workers, experts say | US news | The Guardian Also, I'd like to wait to see if there is some data on whether a mask might make your coronavirus infection worse by trapping higher concentrations of the virus in your mask thus overwhelming your immune system. I have yet to find anything on this. What I have found is that masks (non-N95) are ineffective.
  19. I agree with this. Indoors, wear mask. Outside, nah.
  20. Do I obtain my right to breath from a regulating body similar to how I obtain my right to drive through a regulating body?
  21. I don't care if you deem my stance on this as insensitive. I've already stated that it is fine that corporations require of me to wear a mask while in their stores and places of business. However, when I'm in public I will not wear one because it is my choice not to. And in public, it'd be just as much as your choice to be in my presence or to choose to keep your distance from someone who isn't wearing a mask.
  22. Because I don't want to. I've gone this long without filtering my breath, why start now. And that's where the debate ends.
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