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  1. High level karma in this one. JA, your going to have to earn it. I don't care either way. Just glad to see a great game. The theatrics in this one have been great!
  2. That was a hell of a play by the CB. I'm going fumble here. I disagree with the guy on the TV
  3. Muggsy Bogues could try to tackle Dikembe Mutombo in a similar fashion. It'd get flagged everytime.
  4. Okay. You really need to get over yourself... OSU is a great team. They have the lead. They'll come back. Every college football team has had to deal with calls like this. Don't act like this is a new revelation.
  5. Dude, that's targeting in every single college football game this year, last year, and next year. You got to deal with these. Only reason their in this is because of lack of red zone execution by OSU.
  6. Clemson got smacked in the mouth on the first play. They've played this whole half on their heels. Ohio State came with a more aggressive game plan and they are executing it to perfection.
  7. Final. Brossart is the champions of the Henry County Invitational.
  8. Schirmer for Brossart was a stud in this one. High motor kid! A total team win for Brossart. Brossart was really able to extend the lead once they decided to start rebounding.
  9. This game was won on the boards. The Wildcats fought for better position while the Mustangs got caught watching. Brossart needs to clean that up or it'll be a long season. Brossart also needs to develop another scoring threat. Possibly the Verst kid. Newport looked good. They shot the ball well, they move as a unit on defense, they deserve a better ranking then what they have been given. Good luck to both teams the remainder of the season.
  10. The Mustangs travel to Newport for both teams' season opener on Monday. Let's hear your predictions for how this one goes! I'm sure Brossart will bring the defensive intensity with them, that seems to be a common theme every year. Will they be able to score enough points though? The Wildcats lost some experience from last year's team, but the talent is still there. I'd look for Newport to try to speed this game up so they won't have to deal with the Mustangs half court defense.
  11. Can we all agree that Mellow Mushroom is just mediocre? Overpriced and just doesn't do it for me.
  12. I'm partial to Salvadore's Pizza. If you live in NKY and you haven't tried their pizza yet, well then we can't be friends until that changes.
  13. Out rebounded, 38 to 35. And a terrible night shooting the ball, 37%. That's going to lose a lot of games. Cats got caught thinking that the Kentucky logo on their uniforms would win this one for themselves. Back to the real world...
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