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  1. Very cool. What could have been? Good luck to your future endeavors, Lily.
  2. Did it! It's too long of a story to get into detail though.
  3. Anyone have information on leagues for some summer teams? Looking for a league for 4th grade boys. If you could post the league information, your experience, and some small details about the league. Your information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  4. What happened to Newport? Clearly this isn't the same team I saw at the beginning of the year.
  5. Yes, I'd consider this a small upset. But the margin of victory has to be concerning.
  6. Good for Matt Wilson. He always seemed like a stand up kid in high school. Glad to see him doing well for Army!
  7. Kansas player picks up a chair looking to go swinging before it got ripped away from him. Yikes!
  8. That was some terrible officiating, right there on that call. Hagans had two hands on the ball and his momentum was going the other way.
  9. ACL tear. She's done for the season. Which is unfortunate, she was having a great season.
  10. Wow. Was not expecting this result. Congrats Augusta!
  11. Final. Back and forth game until about the last minute of regulation. If you weren't in Alexandria tonight, you missed a good one. Carson Schirmer put the Mustangs on his shoulders tonight.
  12. That's an impressive turnaround for the Cards this year. Congrats Cards fans.
  13. Getting a quick nap in, then starting the drive to Charlotte. With the recruiting class that's coming in and the success we've had these last couple seasons, I'm as excited about UK Football as I've ever been. Any one know of some good breakfast spots down there?
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