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  1. "I think I'm getting the black lung, pop. It's not very well ventilated down there."
  2. I've been watching that as well. Definitely confusing given the state of affairs in other countries. If they got something that's working for them, they need to put the word out!
  3. Debbie Downer! Just kidding. I agree with what you said. But, for just a moment I was entertained by the idea.
  4. My job is absolutely essential in order for things to not reach the next level of crazy. Imagine no power generation from powerplants or gas flow cut to industries or no natural gas to heat your home. I do natural gas pipeline controls. Yeah, you need me out there. It's not a self-sustaining system. And sorry, I mean this in the least smug way. I got a 9 and 6 year old at home. I want them as safe as can be. I shower in hand sanitizer... until I run out.
  5. So... one thing I noticed today. People must be getting stir crazy. On my way to work traffic is down to probably 20% of normal. But, throughout the day traffic started picking up. People are getting out of their shell a little. This doesn't seem like the discipline that we need right now to beat the 'Rona (copyrights belong to @PurplePride92). Stay the course people!
  6. 2,800+ new cases diagnosed today in the US alone. Those numbers are getting ready to take a very sharp spike. I'd say it's too late for containment. At this point, all retirement communities, nursing homes, and some hospitals need to be completely isolated from this as best as possible.
  7. This is pretty similar to the information that I've come across. Last night I looked into it a little more after GT's post cause I couldn't sleep... St. E's wants you to consult a physician. Then the physician will recommend testing. Then you have to go to a testing location (which I couldn't find an exact location). Then the test results take 3 to 4 days to be confirmed. Also some info that I've come across. Looks like the lack of testing kits available are because the CDC wanted to make their own test kits rather then just use the test kits that the WHO came out with. Then the CDC had complications with their test kits not working properly. So the CDC recalled the kits. Opting to go with the ones that the WHO approved. So there is some of the reasons for some of these delays. LabCorp is manufacturing kits. They said that 10,000 kits per day are being distributed. By this time next week, they'll be distributing 20,000 kits. Not sure if LabCorp is the only one making these kits. I sure hope that isn't the case, cause I think we'll need more than that. I didn't look into it much past that. I was finally able to fall back asleep.
  8. Can you confirm that St.E's is not testing for COVID-19?
  9. I'm curious how our customer service group is handling that right now. The only direction I've been given is to self isolate as much as possible. All of this came out very late on Friday. Luckily I work by myself a lot. I do know that my utility will not be shutting off services for any unnecessary maintenance. So that in and of itself helps to limit exposure. But it still doesn't fully answer your question. Hoping to find out more direction on Monday.
  10. I'd have to think that keeping lines of communication open would be "essential work". Just like keeping the electric grid up, water in the pipes, and gas flowing. If one of these things is lost the result is chaos in the streets.
  11. I work for a major utility. We've been told to spend as little time as possible at HQ's, to isolate from crowds, to report our health condition to our supervisors daily, and to work by ourselves as much as feasibly possible. Definitely some wild times. Hopefully we see a shift and things begin to normalize. I'm used to running, this is really boring!
  12. I wash my hands a little more. Other than that, basketball teams are practicing, baseball teams are practicing, I'm working, still got Friday lunches out. No change here
  13. Aztecs missed a shot at the buzzer to tie it. Utah State is the first team in the Big Dance.
  14. I'll officially redact my statement that Maxey needs to get tougher. I'll submit, for review, this statement. Maxey needed to player tougher last night. We all good now?
  15. Yes, actually they do. Stat - 0 rebounds. Stat - 38 minutes. If you'd like to debate his ability to rebound throughout the year I'd agree. But this game, nonexistent. Watched on several key possessions where he didn't attempt to boxout his guy, opting instead to be the outlet man.
  16. Maxey - 38 minutes of playing time - zero rebounds. I just don't understand how you play an entire game and don't get a rebound. Seems that should at least happen on accident. He needs to get tougher.
  17. Awesome atmosphere. Back and forth the entire game until around 3 minutes to play in the 4th quarter. Camels were the aggressor in the final quarter. Let's do this game again in about a week!
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