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  1. Yes, it seems as though there is inconclusive data on whether the presence of Covid-19 antibodies is enough to keep you from getting it a second time. I've read (I forget where) that the antibodies may only be good enough to prevent reinfection for only a two week period after you've recovered from the virus. I've also read that it depends on how depleted your immune system is. There is a lot to be learned yet. I have confidence in our system to handle this, just going to take some time.
  2. Early serology reports are starting to come out. If there is any validity to some of them then the mortality rate is going to be taking a rather large nose dive. Coronavirus infections could be more widespread, study finds - Los Angeles Times The preliminary study, conducted by researchers at Stanford University, estimates that between 2.5% and 4.2% of Santa Clara County residents had antibodies to the new coronavirus in their blood by early April. Antibodies are an indication that a person’s immune system has responded to a past infection. Though the county had reported roughly 1,000 cases in early April, the Stanford researchers estimate the actual number was between 48,000 and 81,000, or 50 to 85 times greater.
  3. Shawshank Goodfellas The Natural Gran Torino I Am Legend
  4. You posted a link about a study done during the Great Depression, correct? People during those days had a hell of a lot more resolve than we do in this society. Was black tar heroin, alcohol, cocaine, etc as prevalent as they are today? People during those days had a better ability to provide for themselves even without a job. 1920's society isn't remotely close to 2020's society. Money and finances are one of the leading reasons for divorce. If unemployment gets in the 20% range then there are going to be a lot of busted up relationships and broken families. I hope everyone has the power to deal with this if things go down hill.
  5. If I get someone else sick, haven't they also assumed taking on a certain amount of risk as well? To answer your question, yes I'd feel bad. I'm generally a sympathetic person. But the responsibility wouldn't rest solely on my shoulders.
  6. Exactly. If you were immune compromised before this chances were that you had a higher sense of awareness going into this. Stay home and isolate until there is a better option for you. My stance has changed from stay away from all people to life comes with risks. I step into the batter's box in a baseball game there is a chance I could get nailed by a baseball but that's the risk I take. You all can stay home if you want, I'm getting back out there. Honestly, since the beginning of this, I've been out there. I have great health, I've been responsible about how I've interacted with people, and I've been really clean about it. When this opens back up, I'm going to a restaurant. I'm going to tip a waiter pretty darn good. I won't live in fear.
  7. Twas fun watching his development. Good luck big guy!
  8. It's not. And yet again, we'll just have to rely on people to do the right thing.
  9. I don't know if I like it. The thought of sending sick people to get tested at the same place that distributes food doesn't sound like the smartest move at least initially. I will never be convinced that someone isn't going to go get a loaf of bread, milk, and some bacon before they go get themselves tested.
  10. Is the way of life we're living now.... actually living?
  11. Jersey Mike's. Regular 13 on Wheat with everything on it and salt and vinegar chips. The best sammich out there!
  12. I was in the Fernald/Ross area in Ohio along the Great Miami River. I witnessed 3 bald eagles in flight together. Two of them locked talons and began plummeting only to release because only 15 feet away from me in the construction site we were on. Very cool to witness!
  13. That was different. The sound to that storm was different. We got dime sized hail here in Southern Campbell County. Winds didn't get bad enough to do any damage that I can see.
  14. Care Spring, a 143 bed surgical rehab center located in Cold Spring, has had an employee and a patient test positive. Things are about to get "real" around here.
  15. I work, I've been to the grocery store 3 times, I've been to the hardware store 4 times since March 15th. I practice what I'd consider pretty good social distancing techniques despite having to be out in public. I'm careful about what I touch. I try my best to maintain the 6 foot rule. My groceries are brought home and sit for three days before I begin consuming them. What I've witnessed thus far: 1. Yes, people are still getting out and about. It's obvious that probably 75% aren't working because that's what traffic is down to in the morning. By noon the roads have filled up to almost normal level traffic. 2. There are many, many teenage kids gathering in groups. I understand they're probably bored, I am and I'm still working. 3. Our elders are still getting out and about. Only witnessed this at grocery stores. So it seems they're only out to get essentials. I wished they'd let some family members help them or at least have resources they could rely on. 4. More people are starting to mask up. I've heard rumors that stores are going to require that their patrons wear masks while in the stores. 5. I haven't witnessed people in crowds. I haven't been to church and outside of work and sports activities that's the only time I'd see people in crowds. Sports have ended and work has been operating on skeleton crews. One perfect world recommendation. I wish we'd have one two week period of national discipline. Everyone go get supplies for two weeks. Stay in place. Isolate. If you feel bad after two weeks, stay home or go to the hospital. Then maybe we can crush this thing. But it won't happen.
  16. I drove 250 miles today all around Cincinnati area. That's a minimum mileage number on a Friday for me.
  17. Do you really think Vietnam and Taiwan are testing like South Korea? Also, do you think that their societies are as interwoven as ours? I question all numbers. There is not a set of data out there that makes sense for what nations are reporting.
  18. Skyline. I've been pumping some serious cash to them. If they go under then I'm out of Cincy/NKY.
  19. Still love tossing the whistling football while on the beach. I make sure we have a new one to take every year
  20. Then there is this guy.... Coronavirus: N.J. man charged with terroristic threats for allegedly coughing on Wegmans worker Got arrested for terroristic threat because he purposely coughed at someone. Side note, I'm going to hold off on the "I fart in your general direction" jokes until this blows over.
  21. I had a very goal similar experience while walking out of the automatic doors at Kroger's last Saturday. I laughed.
  22. I'm right there with ya. It felt liberating the day I did that. Been without it for almost ten years now. Don't miss it at all.
  23. I'm happy they finally found her. I hope the family can have a little closure. Bumpass needs to be in jail.
  24. Definitely 5 years and beyond.
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