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  1. I agree that Rusty Troutman is one of the best if not the best in the 6th. I know he is the hardest worker and the smartest basketball player on the floor everytime he steps out. I do agree that Rakes is one of the best point guards out there. I have also seen Butler and really like McReynolds as a player he is the kind of guy that just takes over a game and he seems so reserve out on the floor. Really like McReynolds and Butler but Bullitt East is going to RUPP.
  2. Ballard is in a league all by themselves with Trinity making a strong run at them. Once Football is over Trinity could really upset Ballards quest for the Championship. I really dont see anyone else coming close to these 2 teams.
  3. I think tonight will answer some questions about Shelby Count as they are going to take on South Oldham and I really think Shelby County is going to make a lot of noise with Kipp Moore and I really think Malik Manica will make a big name for himself. I have seen him play AAU over the summer and really could be a strong solid player. Collins in my opinion has the most talent and Dez Marshall being in my opionion as the top player in the 8th Region. A trip to RUPP is Collins to lose. Keep a eye on Spencer County also Brandon Miller has played since 8th grade and has really improved as a point guard and getting his team moving forward. Chris Dunbar has returned for Spencer County which gives them a strong inside game. Cameron Fitts and Alex Dennis should help out the team.
  4. What happened to Spencer County, they were a strong team last year then drop off. I have seen them play several times last year at the Lloyd Mem tournament but have seen them play this year but I thought they might be strong this year again.
  5. Who are the top teams and players in the 8th?
  6. Cats by 15. Close in the first half but blow out in the 2nd
  7. Wow great tourney. Going to be a lot if talent in that gym.
  8. im going to say this well be a good close game. both teams have improved alot since the first time they played. going to give this one to spencer. their coach really changed the program around and they have been playing good towards the end of the season. still think its going to be a good game and im sure both coaches will have their teams ready for war.
  9. I know the Hoya Elite 16U won their tournament and did not lose a game. They practice in Louisville twice a week. They have kids from L-ville,Bullitt County, Trinity,Butler,Spencer County,Henry County and Fulton Ky. They looked real strong this weekend and beat the Ville by 16.
  10. I haven't made bogus stats. I just really liked how this small school has made a name for themselves this year in the district and region. There student section was really good the night I watched them they were fun to watch and showed alot of class. Hats off to all student sections they are the heart of the school
  11. That is wrong Cove Catholic was ranked as number 138 in the nation but that was 3 years ago.
  12. Really I have been to 7 games at home at Cov. Cath and they did not have as stong of a Student Section as Spencer I think you might want to double check that and really get a clue on what a Student Secton does.
  13. Spencer has a strong low post play with the Dunbar boys but guard play is shakey. Lets talk 8th Region who wins 8th Region
  14. Looks like a great District Tournament really wish I could be at 2 places at one time but I think Spencer will win District. I have seen them play 4 or 5 times and the Dunbar boys are as strong as anything I have seen. The younger Dunbar has gone against some big time players and I would have to say had the best low post moves I have ever seen and someone said he is just a Sophmore could someone tell me if that is true.
  15. Region 1- Paducah Tilghman Region 2- Christian County Region 3- Muhlenburg County Region 4- Warren Central Region 5- John Hardin Region 6- Bullitt East Region 7- Eastern Region 8- Spencer County Region 9- Newport Central Catholic Region 10- George Rogers Clark Region 11- Lexington Catholic Region 12- Wayne County Region 13- Clay County Region 14- Hazard Region 15- Betsy Lane Region 16- Ashland
  16. Okay lets talk straight, who wins the 30 district Anderson, Shelby, Collins, Spencer or Eminence? Spencer won the overall seed of #1 and has the number 1 player in Logan Dunbar but who wins. I say wins it all and goes to Region and makes a strong run. What does anyone else say?
  17. I have been to several games of several different regions and a lot of people are talking about best student sections. I would have to say that Spencer County has the best Student Section I have seen. I am from Shelb Collins and go to most of their games but Spencer County has a true following. I have seen them play 5 times and they keep it packed and crazy. This is the best time of the year right before district and everyone is excited.
  18. Congrats to all the boys that made 8th Region Team. Congrats to Logan Dunbar for Player of the Year he is one heck of a player and Congrats to Coach Barmore
  19. Made a trip to Spencer County to watch North Oldham play Spencer won 64-58. North really shot the ball well but could not handle the inside game of Spencer. I really think they have a shot at Regions and look forward to the 8th Regional Tournament
  20. Congrats to Bullitt East. Love to watch them play strong team and really well coached. Look for Bullitt East to be strong in the Sweet 16
  21. Thats what I was saying they were not prepared. I have seen Bullitt East play several times and if you see Bullitt East 1 time you know about Sweat and Troutman and how good of 2 point shooting they are. I really question Spencer Coaching staff and if they even know what they are doing. Spencer has great talent but they did not seem to use that strength.
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