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  1. Bullitt East is a great team and there is no shame in losing to them. But I really thought Spencer would have shown a better game or at least have some type of game plan
  2. Chris Dunbar for Spencer County is a sophmore and I think he took 1 or 2 tonight and I was impressed with him and the other Dunbar kid.
  3. Trust me they took to lead and did not look back. What I dont understand is how Spencer County can look good sometimes then others look like they didnt even know what team they are playing. I watched them play at Lloyd Memorial and they looked like a real solid team then I watched them 2 other times and they ran no offense. I really question if there coach even knows what he is doing. They have a couple of top players in the region and can put up some big numbers but he doesnt even run a offense. I really think Spencer will get out Coached by Anderson County and question if they even make it out of the District. Bullitt East I must say I look forward to watching you for the next 2 years.
  4. I agree I watched him tonight and he looked great. Bullitt East has some great young talent and I look forward to watching them in the future.
  5. The score was 74-47 and was just not fun to watch. Went to watch the UofL recruits and really thought I would have gotten a better double header.
  6. I agree it seemed like everytime Spencer County would bring the ball up you had one guard that just wanted to do 1 on 1 and never would run any offense. I have said that is Spencers downfall is lack of Coaching and guard play.
  7. Watched Bullitt East beat Spencer County. Was really disappointed with this game really thought it would have been a better game. Bullitt looked great, really moved the ball well and looked like they were really well coached. Spencer did not even look like they were prepared. I have seen Spencer Co play 3 times and really thought it would have been a better game.
  8. They are playing a double header I think UofL Recruits play 1st game so it is some type of show for UofL
  9. Bullitt East will host Spencer County this Sunday. Just wondering everyones thoughts on this game. I think Spencer County will have trouble stopping the 3 point shot. But Spencer County seems to know how win games.
  10. Question is going to be is Kimbro and Price going to play if not good game if they play I dont see anyone beating them.
  11. I have seen coaches take kids out to prove a point and you sit them for 2 or 3 minutes then put them back in and see if it worked. How do these boys get to prove that they undersatnd what the coach wants if they dont get back into the game and try to make up for being out hustled. I think coaches get caught up into the game and get to mad and think the game is for them and not the kids. Coaches also have to realize fans pay money to see the game and if a JV squad has already played then dont take away from the Varsity kids. I remember watching a game and the J.V got drilled by another J.V team then in the Varsity game the coach took the Varsity kids out and put J.V. who couldnt even beat the J.V. team. I just think coaches should realize if they are going to prove a point prove it then let your varsity kids try and work it out then correct things in practice.
  12. What is going on with Price and Kimbro? I know they are out but no one is really saying why they are out. Price with a deep thigh bruise is the first i heard of but what about Kimbro?
  13. I am going to say South Oldham wins this one even though I havent seen Oldham play I have seen South Oldham a few times and I am very impressed with this team. I think the Fields boy is a player that gets very little respect in the Region. I have seen 2 players that have really impressed me this year and that is Carson Fields and Logan Dunbar from Spencer County. It is a shame the 8th Region does not have a lot more media coverage because I think the 8th has a lot to offer.
  14. I too enjoyed this and look forward to coming back next year. As far as All Tourney just make the 1st and 2nd place to all tourney and let it be over. I would just like to see more media inform given out. I get the Courier Journal and nothing on this tournament was in the paper. People outside of this are no very little about these teams and how do we expect to get this out if we dont report to major markets. This Tournamet was a big tournament and I really think they could really market it a lot stronger to the media.
  15. Boon wins this no problem. I watched them in the LIT and I thought they were the team to beat. Boone wins this 10+ and this could be a blow out if Boone is well rested. The only problem with Boone is how deep the guard play is.
  16. I was very impressed with Cooper and thought that they were the most underated team in this tournament. I really enjoyed watching them and actually thought that this is what Ky. Basketball is all about. I would pay more money just to watch them play again and cannot wait to see them play again. As far as Players I was so impressed with Logan Dunbar of Spencer County as far as players. To see him pass and his desire really impressed me. As I have said Spencer County short comings I think are guard play and turnovers. I think really watching all the teams I will have to say that Boone County was the team that I would have said would have won the tournament but they just fell short but hats of to this tournament was very happy with it.
  17. Congrats to NewCath great win and great job by Fern Creek what a great game and what a great tourney. I feel bad how cheep I paid to see some great games and got to see some really good teams and new players. I have not seen Fern Creek this year and really enjoyed watching them. Now I have to wait till next year for the tourney to start up again.
  18. I would say Holmes wins this one and I agree several games in several days but I think Holmes could run all day. They are going to be to quick and rebounding is going to be the key
  19. I was wondering that also Spencer only had 2 foulds and should have fouled and never let them take more then 2 dribbles. But Spencer tried to hold the ball and took themselves out of there own game. Great job by Cooper and I really was happy for them.
  20. I agree about Cooper they are a real nice team and kept cool today. Good win for them.
  21. I agree Cooper kept cool and did not panic and the ball finally bounced their way. Congrats Cooper
  22. I understand what you are saying but I really think 5 or 6 teams maybe in the 8th and would say the 8th Region is down this year but to say a JV team is a little over the top. I have seend Spencer play in the Lloyd tournament and looked pretty good. I think South Oldham is a little harsh also they have a real nice team and are well coached. I agree with all the teams you said also but I think it is up for grabs
  23. I am sorry I will give SK props they are 7-3 and playing good ball and have beaten some nice teams
  24. Spencer Co beat Gallatin Co and Owen by 20 earlier in the year at a scrimage so I wouldnt say them just yet
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