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  1. How do you say 8 or 10 teams I would say maybe 4 or 5 with Spencer,S.Oldham, N.Oldham,Collins and Oldham that is all I would say it could be.
  2. So who wins between Spencer and Cooper? I watched Spencer play yesterday but did not see them today but i know they won the 2nd round game and play Cooper
  3. Congrats to Knott County you beat a real nice team in Bullitt East.
  4. You have different types of brackets some use points and some use pool play it really depends on how many teams and how many games you want to guarantee teams to play. If you guarantee more games then teams are willing to come but if you our after 1 or 2 games it is hard to get teams to accept an offer to come play
  5. If you get a good team to handle the half court pressure and slow it down Holmes could be in trouble. That is where Spencer Coutny got in trouble trying to run with them and playing what looked like a 1-3-1 Zone. You get no offensive rebounding with a 1-3-1 you have to do a 2-3 Zone in order to slow down guard penetration and block out big time.
  6. Looking forward to 2nd round of this tournament I have really enjoyed the games and have seen some really nice teams. I hope today is as competative as yesterday.....
  7. :sssh:I watched Spencer County play in the LLoyd Memorial Tourn and they lost to a very good Holmes. I started to wonder who would vie for the 8th Region Title. South Oldham, North Oldham or Collins. If Spencer County can keep guards under controll I think they could be a dominating team but they seem to want to take the game over and forget about team ball. But when they play like a team they look like no other team that I have seen. South Oldham I think is the all around team to beat with more talent then anyone.
  8. Now that Christmas Break is almost over it is time for District games and now time for some real Basketball
  9. I would have liked to see more tournaments in the Ky. area besides King of the Bluegrass. It is a shame we only have a few tournaments around the area during Christmas Break. Lloyd Memorial has a real nice tournament but really havent heard of any othere ones.
  10. Way to go O.C. glad to see Oldham playing good basketball like they used to. It seems like everyone is overlooking O.C. in the 8th Region
  11. I think if Ryle can block out and allow 1 shot it will help but i dont see anyone stopping Holmes on the board they are to quick and know how to rebound on the offensive boards. I see Holmes by 15 and it happens in the 4th quarter.
  12. I agree I would not hand it over to Spencer County just yet I saw them lose to Homes and they looked a little wild. They were in the game but then the guards got out of control. If they would have slowed the game down and played 2-3 zone and not try and play man to man on a team they could not stay with. I have seen Spencer Play a couple of times and they look like the top team in the region then the next time they act like they have never played together.
  13. I heard they were not coming at all and that is why they changed the brackets and only guarantee 3 games
  14. That is what makes Holmes a good team they held them off and was able to win the game. Look forward to tomorrow's games.
  15. Yea I heard the fans yelling but I just moved because I couldnt take much of that so in the first half I found a new spot. It was a good game and the score really did not reflect it but hats off to Holmes but I will give props to SC
  16. I think Holmes is speed is going to be to much for Ryle. I liked Ryle and think they will do better but Holmes hits the boards good.
  17. I have seen the Dunbar boys play several times and Logan is 33 and he had 26 points and Chris Dunbar had 12 points but they are a pretty good team and I agree to many turn overs and Holmes speed just killed them. It was nice to see a team like Holmes so fast and athletic play and they really looked under controll.
  18. Spencer County was led by Logan Dunbar 26pts Trey Wyatt 19 pts and Chris Dunbar 12pts
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