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  1. You really must not have compared at any high school stats. Morgan averaged 20.7 ppg and 6.1 rpg. Also, Morgan played on the same aau team with MICHAEL BUETER, NICK JACKSON, and ANDREW SAMPSON which you put on the first team and JAKE SCHULTE which is on your second team. He Led in ppg on this aau team and Im sure any of these guys would tell you that he could and did outplay any of them on any given day. As a guard he was also like 2nd in rebounding. So.....you should have given credit where credit was due even though his high team lacked the talent to get farther than they did this season. Anyway he is looking forward to graduating and playing this fall for Asbury Mens Basketball team.
  2. Timmy Bradshaw and Taylor Harper of East Jessamine have both committed To play at Asbury University
  3. Well it is official! Kristian signed a full tuition athletic scolarship with Asbury today. There were lots of friends and family in attendance to wish him good luck.
  4. I'm gonna say one more thing and I'm done. HISTORY of letting his aau team down when they really needed him. He's a good kid and not trying to take that from him but give me a break. Do the right thing.
  5. Sorry but your way off base. This isn't the first time he has committed to an all star game and then just not shown up on game day. And yes my son did get invited to that one also and did show up. When my kid commits to something he makes every effort to keep that commitment. Like I said, it should have been an honor not something to just blow off.
  6. Yes, I believe it is. If he didnt want to play in it then let someone know in advance so the next kid in line could play. It shows lack of leadership and commitment to college coaches that may hear about it also. It should have been an honor to represent his region in this. My opinion.
  7. I heard Andrew Sampson, poy for the 8th was a no show. Not the first time this kid has done this. Not a good way to represent the 8th at all.
  8. Gallatin County's Kristian Morgan will be signing with Asbury this Tuesday March 12 at the School library at 3:30 pm. What other 8th region boys will playing basketball at the next level and where? Please list the ones you know.
  9. Even if Holmes does advance, which I'm doubtful of, I don't think Bolden would stand a chance against a player as good as Hawkins. Bolden = overrated in my opinion.
  10. Anyone know who the runner-up was in the 8th??
  11. Agree on these two also. And is it really fair to give a spot to a Canadian transfer that just became eligible one week before the class A. Is there any allegiance to the kids that have played Ball here all 4 years of high school? Just bugs the heck out of me! I guess I just dont fall for the hype.
  12. Maybe you should have stopped and watched a little closer because this list is always missing key players every year. I guess at least they are consistent
  13. I'm so glad of your psychic abilities but truth is truth.
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