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  1. Please list any website addresses for internet broadcasts (audio or video) of semi-state games.
  2. I like his prediction because he predicted Dixie would beat Beechwood too.
  3. For those of us unable to make the trip, do you know if the game will be broadcast on internet radio?
  4. Where can we find specific details of all Mayfield injured players? Their names, year, jersey number and specific locations of each injury. Photos and x-rays of all injuries, maybe even a link to the complete medical file. Then again, maybe we should be looking for LHC information instead.
  5. The Tigers will hit the 60 point mark again. The 1st team D will shut Dayton out.
  6. Has Dixie "closed the book" on Dixie? Seems like it.
  7. Not that it makes a difference but I think the final was 63-8. Bellevue went for 2 and got it.
  8. Congrats to the Beechwood D! They made some great plays. #2 with 2 pick 6s. #44 with a pick. #14 with a pick. #45 was unstoppable until he went out with an injury. #40 had a good night too. They all played well. Nice team effort against one of the top QBs in the nation. Play as a team, win as a team.
  9. This not simply an unranked foe. It's still a team that is much deeper than Beechwood and this is a rivalry game. The schools are just a few miles apart. When rivalries play records do not matter. This game should be very competitive and a good one to watch that may not be decided until late in the 4th quarter.
  10. #45 for Beechwood had a nice defensive game. He had an impressive pick 6 early in the game along with some nice hits and tackles throughout the game.
  11. E-town scored 1 TD against the Beechwood 1s. The other points were scored by the E-town 1s on the Beechwood 2s. Overall, the Beechwood 2s did a nice job on the E-town 1s.
  12. Losing him hurts on both O & D. He can not recover quick enough.
  13. I anticipate the JV to log considerable minutes during the district games. The downside to that though is how does Davis get better at the passing game if he is not in the game? I agree that the passing game needs improvement but if it is not worked on in games it will not be improved. How can you say, "3 TD passes aside"? Why would you discount 3 TD passes? To me that is mission accomplished. 3 TD passes are 3 TD passes. IMO 3 TD passes and zero interceptions on a total of maybe 9 or 10 passes is really not too bad. Most of the 9 or 10 passes were completed. My guesstimate would be 5/9, 6/10 somewhere in that range. 1 ball was simply a dropped ball and that happens at any level. 3 balls were off target and again that happens at any level too. So how can Beechwood make the passing game better and get the timing and rhythm down if they don't pass more? Is 9 or 10 passes in an entire game really enough to work on the "passing" game? The answer is no. I agree that if Beechwood expects to go deep into the playoffs and contend with the likes of Mayfield and Hazard they need the passing game clicking or plan on coming up short again. The time to work on it and get game reps passing the ball is now. Waiting until the day after Thanksgiving will be a mistake. The passing game can improve but that is done by reps. Reps in the game. The better balance between running and passing the tougher it is on the defense too. I agree, the TEs have nice hands, nice height and the athletic ability to make plays. Now would be the time to get them more involved.
  14. The fumbles hurt. They made a difference in the score and who knows, maybe even the outcome. In light of the CCH/HHS game, I think it sheds a positive light on the Tigers. If Beechwood can stop the fumbles and tackle correctly they can play with anyone left on the schedule and should be able to go deep into the playoffs, possibly even the big game in Bowling Green.
  15. Hopefully the Tigers are over the fumble bug! Turnovers and penalties can be killers.
  16. The game was not put on the shoulders of the D ends. If the D ends aren't responsible for tackling then I guess I don't understand their responsibilities and I apologize. IMO, the game is on the shoulders of all participants. That includes all 11 on D, all 11 on O, all 11 on special teams and the entire coaching staff. Again, the arm tackles and the reaches did not work on Gray and they will not work on Pike or Justice or Hightchew or any talented player that can run the ball. Try to tackle Pike high and he will run through the D like it's not even there. Don't move your feet and reach to tackle Justice and he's gone.
  17. If Beechwood allows Pike to throw the underneath stuff and allow him to roll out and run the ball, Dixie wins. If Beechwood plays tighter pass coverage and does not give the cushion that allows Pike to throw underneath and the D line pressures him and wraps him up, Beechwood wins. The Beechwood D ends will need to be ready to contain and tackle. Good fundamental tackling will be a must to bring down Pike and Justice. The arm swats and reaches won't get it done.
  18. I think defeating the repeat 2A state champs at their house last year is a big win. I believe that may have been NCCs only loss too. IMO, anytime a 1A team shuts out a 6A team (Simon Kenton) is a big win.
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