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  1. NKU is on SPRING BREAK this week. Parking shouldn't be an issue for the early sessions!!
  2. Congrats to the Lady Braves and Coach West. First time in the history of the program that they've made it to the regional finals! Going in to the regional tournament, Grant was the underdog from the start and they managed to beat two teams that had a combined record of 46 and 11! Tonight's game will be even a bigger test against a very talented SK team. Regardless of the outcome tonight, GC has made some noise again(and hopefully more)in post season play! This is a young team that will return 4 starters that already has a good chemistry together, and the potential to add a few good players! It's great to see this team advance like they have especially after losing players that chose to transfer a couple of years ago! Good luck to Coach West and the Lady Braves!
  3. Yes, numerous times! My reasoning for posting was that I'm not sure of the rule when playing outside of Ky. Besides, he wins by 20 and do you think he'd jeopardize not being able to coach come tournament time!!!
  4. Does that rule apply when playing outside of Ky? Played a team from Indiana and was probably getting homered!
  5. With Pops Draud at Grant, rumor has it that Jr Draud could be going to Grant next year. They've got a talented group of freshmen. Any truth to this??
  6. I recall watching Erin play earlier this season and she had a stellar game that night. Wasn't sure of her season stats until I just looked.......going by just stats, she leads South Oldham in practically every category. Seems that some coaches went the reputation factor IMO!! And No, coaches don't present a list to other coaches to consider!!
  7. Played on a team that won the 8th region basketball championship. An unforgettable season that has many memories. Unfortunately, we lost in the 1st round of the state tournament, to the team that actually won the state crown.
  8. Is this class offered to the general public?? And, Oh so true!!
  9. Kentucky Golf House released it's final points list yesterday and notable winners from NKY are; Boys: 1st Team - Tyler Lippert - Mason County 2nd Team - Paul Huber - Covington Catholic, Cody Kellam - Grant County, Austin Squires - Ryle Girls: 2nd Team - Sarah Boden - Grant County, Macy Wright - Grant County, Sarah Fite - Mason County Congrats to all of these outstanding student athletes! And, a special shout out to Macy Wright :clap:, who missed 5 weeks of summer practice while at GSP!!
  10. Congrats to the Ryle Raiders.....and a special shout out to Austin Zapp :banana::banana::banana: who finished 3rd overall.
  11. Congrats to Drew and his family!! The first year that NKU entered the Atlantic Sun Conference was during the 12-13 season. Unless something has change from the original agreement, NKU was put on probation for 4 years.....thus, making them eligible for post season tournaments in 16-17. However, for the upcoming 14-15 and 15-16 seasons if a sport(such as golf), has individual participants for the post season tournament and the player finishes in the top 3, he/she can advance to the next level of the NCAA tournament.
  12. That's a talented group of seniors, plus there's a junior named Austin Zapp who'll be a contender for one of the top 5 spots.
  13. This And, how many times has the waitress brought the wrong thing to the table to only tell you to eat it or she has to throw it away! And, I intentionally tick these guys off because they continuously watch too see when you're done so they can take your plates (to kick you out the door sooner), I'll always leave a bite or two left on the plate and always tell them I'm not done eating. Stingy with their jelly too.....1 small jelly for 2 really good biscuits. Had a waitress tell me that the managers watch what they take to the tables. By nature, I'm a laid back person but these things just tick me off....guess I already said that!
  14. I remember that place too! Would stop by there on my way to the office and pick up 3 - 5 dozen for the office. Those were coming right out of the oven and packed straight into the box....man were they good. I just run by Emerson's Bakery once in awhile and grab a variety pack. There's one that you've go to try if you get there.....it's a square cheese danish with cherry filling on top of it! I promise you each one of these has a stick of butter in it!!
  15. It's just enough time between sessions for a quick trip up the street to Columbia Steak house!:up:
  16. Wed / Thursday / Friday Each day - 1st Session 12:00 and 1:30pm / 2nd Session 6:30 and 8:00pm Saturday 6:30 and 8:00pm Sunday Its either 2 or 3 pm
  17. Are you saying that the Principal has been there for decades or is it a hiring policy that the Principal will be the AD too? Side note....what are the test scores like for Bracken Co.?
  18. PRICELESS!!! Unfortunately, my son's in college now and we don't spend as much time together as we did during his high school years. However, we've made a promise to start going again once he's out of college! Educational Enhancement forms were priceless too!
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