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  1. Well, you all talk the talk and the boys walked the walk. We didn't help ourselves, you all where obviously ready. As far as our o-line not having an answer for you d-line because came of the ball so fast, may be a bit of a stretch. Your coach used them smartly to get the linebackers in our backfield, and obviously it worked. That is team loaded with athletes behind both lines. No doubt about it. Very well coached. I could see they were well coached, an example, the way your Wide Receivers blocked our Defensive Backs, the little things. The boys earned you all the right to blow up this thread, enjoy!
  2. Wind only 1-2mph tomorrow night should not effect Our passing game. Thank God!!!
  3. Not sure about crowd, 40 kids and at least 4 people per kid average. I think that is a fair average. School is supposed to get a bus for other students. From what I saw, I think they should have more than the away bleachers will hold. But you never know, 3 hours away!! BTW whets up with all the cars and canopies right at the end zone? That is different. I think I know why you all say it is intimidating to play down there, its like the Thunder Dome.
  4. You boys are like piranha down there! You seem a little excited! I never said LHC was not a running team; it is preposterous to not know they are. You know they are, the whole state knows they are. I was curious of the meaning of the post regarding the low passing yards. The statement seemed obvious to me. Running team = low passing yards. But you now threw in there that we can’t pass. Now I get it. My original point was kind of twisted around, so you guys enjoy the rest of the week!
  5. At what point in a game that is being won 50-0 at half time, should a team up its passing stats? I guess LHC would have won everyone’s respect by passing 300 yards on Caverna, Russellville or Bardstown Bethlehem. Those teams where having bad years to air it out on them when they could not stop the run would have been pretty bad sportsmanship. But maybe LHC should have in order to have people on this thread say they have a very balanced offense.
  6. LHC has seen some speed with Jtown and Seneca. How does Rville's speed compare to that? Who are the kids with speed we are talking about?
  7. LHC Seniors where undefeated as freshman, does this change where they are in the rankings!!!!! RE-DO!!!
  8. I am thinking maybe the question was about this season and not a discussion on if you where or where not surprised in 1998.
  9. Anyone see the Litkenhouse Rankings, 1.Beechwood 116.4 2.Holy Cross 104.5 3.Mayfield 104.2 4.Hazard 100.7 5.Fairview 79.0 Do these mean anything. I find it interesting that LHC is "at least third"
  10. Any insight on why Hazard is over LHC? Records, points scored, points allowed, amount of yards put up by LHC on the surface makes them look like at least 3rd. I'll hang up now and listen!
  11. How did the teams of the past live without Bluegrass preps or similar sights to live on and constantly talk about themselves.
  12. This is Bluegrass preps correct? Starting to read like a similar site!!!
  13. I agree with previous! Battled entire game, drove ball down field with less than minute to go when score would not have mattered to game, but showed great pride! 13 a stud, going any where??
  14. Ballard Memorial, 2- 5, Mayfield is in fact the real deal!!!
  15. He went through this in the 90's also. I think he came out ok. Predictable or not, you still have to stop the offense. (Yes, you did it this year so rocks save your comments). In his bad years he is still better than 90% of teams and coaches in this state.
  16. Mayfield continues to show why they are, why they should be, and why they will finish # 1 in 1 A!! All others playing for second place!!!!
  17. I will ask on this post, is there any informations that would lead me to belive THIS YEARS team is the favorite hands down? Opponents minus Paducah Tillman are 6-22, not one has winning record?
  18. Again, Mayfield no questions of strong history. But based on what would someone post "go ahead and give them the 1A title ". Again opponents are 6 - 22, with not one having a winning record (minus PT). There is no disrepect in this question. It is a legitimte question, but from what I have seen I should "just know". Well I guess I will just take the word of these bloggers. I was just looking for a few quick points about team that gives any merit to the level of supremecy this (2010) team has achieved.
  19. Can anyone please give solid information on why Mayfield is being considered the best 1A team in history? They could make run and win 2A or 3A titles. I am not saying they are not that good, but to people like me that live east of 65, all we see is that minus Paducah Tillman their opponents are 6 - 22. Does scoring 75 points on a 13 player team mark their place in history??? Does beating PT by three in over time put them up there with X and T? Again just not seeing what everybody on this blog or Kentucky Preps is seeing that has people making statements like this week after week, please educate me!!!!!
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